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Here at Fullbay, we’re always looking for new ways to help your shop run more efficiently and put more money into your pocket. This means looking for great partnerships that can bring more value to shop owners, techs, and customers.

A few weeks ago, we talked about our ever-improving integration with QuickBooks, and now we’re thrilled to tell you about our integration with Worldpay. We’re confident that the new payment options Worldpay brings to the table will help turn your shop’s next decade into a profitable one.

What is Worldpay, anyway?

Worldpay is a payment processing software serving businesses and customers all over the world. The integration with Fullbay makes it easy to accept credit card payment right inside Fullbay. This is especially good news for those who have a roadside/mobile service option or who have thought about offering one.

How Worldpay and Fullbay work together

We aren’t big on hyperbole (much to this writer’s dismay), so we’ll get right to it: Here’s what you should know to put this integration to work for you.

How fast does this payment thing happen?
When you use Fullbay to accept a payment, there’s no more waiting and opening separate applications. The payments sync immediately to Fullbay and to QuickBooks Online – if you’re using the QuickBooks desktop edition, syncing will depend on how often you’ve set it to do that.

Who can use it?
Anyone who works your shop! Anyone that you give permission to, that is. You can adjust the setting and grant/deny access in the Customer and Office Permissions area of Fullbay.

Do I have to open multiple programs or switch between things?
Nope! Worldpay runs within Fullbay. Payments will process through the Fullbay app. No need to switch between programs or run one and then another. You can do everything seamlessly through Fullbay.

Do I need to get special software for this?
Nope. It should run on whatever you’re running Fullbay on, whether that’s your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Do I need internet access if I’m on the road?
Yes, you will need an internet connection to process payments and receive approvals while you’re on the road. Odds are you’ve already got a hot spot set up with your truck; if not, make sure you invest in that (or sign up for one through your cell phone service).

Why it’s great for your shop

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why this particular integration is good for your shop, but here are our four favorites:

Get your money faster.

Quicker payment? Yes, please! No more waiting around a week for the cash to hit your bank account; your funds will be available within 48 hours of the payment being made. There’s an added bonus, too – for $10 a month, payment will arrive within 24 hours as long as it’s logged before 7 p.m.

No more duplicating paperwork.

Worldpay works with Fullbay and, if you’ve got it, QuickBooks. The three play well together and all payment processes will appear right in QuickBooks. Those nights you spent duplicating forms so you can keep the books up to date? They’re over.

It’s plug-and-play.

No need to go digging through the guts of one computer system or another. Once you complete the integration, Worldpay will send you a card reader and a code. You plug the code into Fullbay and you’re up and running. That’s all there is to it!

Go mobile

We mentioned earlier that this is an especially wonderful option for those with a mobile repair service. Historically these can be harder to secure payment with: you’re by the side of a road in a snowstorm reading a credit card number aloud to dispatch. If dispatch keys in the wrong number, you need to start all over again. If dispatch is on the other line or has the gall to take a coffee break, you don’t even start at all.

The integration allows you to take payment right on the side of the road – no need to call in to dispatch or wait for verification to come through. Just hand your phone or tablet to your customer and let them key in their payment information.

Boom. You’re done.


If your shop is using Fullbay’s customer portal, your clients can change out their payment methods by logging in to their profile and adding/subtracting accounts or credit card numbers. Might as well have that information saved, right?

This sounds amazing. How do I get it?

The Worldpay integration is already in place! Here’s the steps you need to take to make it work for you:

  1. Head to this page to sign up. Please note, this link is only for Fullbay users – if you want to work with Worldpay and you don’t have Fullbay, this is not the link for you.
  2. Worldpay will reach out to you and provide a code.
  3. Head into Fullbay and enter the code.
  4. Your Worldpay account is activated!

We know, we know – we sound pretty excited about this. We are pretty excited, because this integration brings a lot of flexibility and value to any repair shop.

And hey, if you haven’t tried Fullbay yet, why not schedule a free demo and see what it can do for you? 2020 is just beginning – give your shop every chance to succeed!

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