Jan 09, 2024

WrenchWay & Fullbay Partner Up To Boost Heavy-Duty Industry Careers

WrenchWay & Fullbay Partner Up To Boost Heavy-Duty Industry Careers

WrenchWay, a leading platform for connecting automotive and heavy-duty professionals with top-tier employers, is proud to announce the expansion of its collaboration with Fullbay, a leading heavy-duty repair shop management solution provider.

Fullbay and WrenchWay have been collaborating for several years, and this enhanced partnership is a testament to their shared vision and commitment to promoting excellence in the heavy-duty industry.

What This Means for Fullbay Customers

Exclusive Membership Discounts
Fullbay customers are entitled to exclusive discounts on WrenchWay Top Shop memberships. This comprehensive package includes access to cutting-edge recruiting tools and the ability to connect with a vast network of over 650 high schools and post-secondary schools across the country.

Joint Webinars, Events, and Resources
As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing and industry advancement, Fullbay and WrenchWay will host joint webinars and events specifically tailored for the heavy-duty diesel community. These sessions will provide valuable insights, promote collaboration, and contribute to the overall development of the industry.

More Exciting Announcements to Follow
The details are still being worked out, so we can’t spill the beans yet, but stay tuned for additional announcements in the coming months, as we unveil further initiatives designed to promote and improve the diesel industry.

Sharing a Vision to Promote Excellence in the Heavy-Duty Diesel Industry

WrenchWay is well-established in the automotive industry, making them one of the leading go-to solutions for shops and dealerships who are looking to hire automotive technicians and service center staff. This partnership will allow WrenchWay to continue to enhance its solutions for the heavy-duty diesel industry.

“Fullbay is an incredible company. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has not only elevated our partnership, but has set a benchmark in the heavy-duty diesel industry,” explains Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of WrenchWay. “Our shared vision and commitment to promoting and improving the diesel industry made them the perfect partner as WrenchWay makes this a bigger focus area.”

“We’ve had the good fortune of partnering with WrenchWay for several years and are excited to expand that relationship going forward,” said Patrick McKittrick, CEO of Fullbay. “Our mission is to create a better life for the hard-working men and women in the shop, which can lead to safer roads for us all. WrenchWay’s unique approach to answering the challenges of hiring, recruiting, and retention is a great complement to the benefits of Fullbay’s shop management platform.”

About WrenchWay
WrenchWay is an online platform dedicated to promoting and improving careers in the automotive and diesel industry. We highlight the best shops to work at, connect shops with schools, and give technicians and industry professionals a voice. Visit our website to learn more: wrenchway.com.

About Fullbay
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Fullbay revolutionizes the operations of heavy-duty repair shops and internal fleet maintenance departments to create more efficient, focused and faster organizations. The company provides a turn-key platform that connects every function of the business in real time from any location to improve workflow and create transparency in operations. Founded in 2014, Fullbay focuses on delivering operational excellence, preventive maintenance solutions, and inventory management optimization to its wide variety of customers. In April 2022, Fullbay acquired Dieselmatic, a digital marketing company, to offer extended services to its clients and improve the customer experience. The company most recently launched its All About the Grilles e-commerce store in which a portion of proceeds gets donated to Fullbay Cares, a program dedicated to giving back to the essential workers of heavy-duty repair.

Aaron Treguboff