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Fullbay works on any device connected to the Internet.

A few years ago, we searched for decent software to run a diesel repair shop. The search came up empty. Most of the software out there was built for light duty, and none of it truly solved the right problems. So we built something that did.

We've baked 20 years of experience in the diesel repair industry into Fullbay. The result is that Fullbay solves problems no one else is tackling. It’s cloud based, so you don’t have to be in the shop to use it. You log into it like you’re logging into the bank. It also reduces comebacks and eliminates unauthorized work. Plus it drops invoices right into Quickbooks.

So far, shops that use Fullbay see about a 30% increase in revenue per tech. Fullbay makes the business run very efficiently. It also lowers the stress level around the shop. It’s possible Fullbay could do the same for you. If you have a heavy duty repair shop or mobile service, give us 30 minutes to show you Fullbay. You can request a demo here.


Free yourself from the shop

You will accomplish more and feel in control while not having to be at the shop. You log into Fullbay just like you log into any website. Fullbay lives in the cloud so you can run your operation from anywhere.

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Truly satisfy the customer

Customers can submit a repair request in their own words, in their portal or mobile app. The tech can focus on being the customer's hero. Customers can also manage their units, request service, see PM history, approve work and pay invoices.

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Never get behind on invoicing again

No more assembling your documentation from stacks of paper. No more getting days or weeks behind. Invoices create with the click of a button and immediately appear in Quickbooks Online.

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See real time stats

Use Fullbay's real-time statistics and reports to instantly see efficiency metrics. Have the data to make mid-day course corrections. You will make more money and avoid costly mistakes.

Give your techs more time to make money

Your techs document repairs on a phone or tablet, and only need to write something once. Fullbay works just as well on the side of the road as it does in the shop. Customer authorization is faster. Parts ordering is faster. Techs get more done in less time.

Connect the apps you already use

Break down your silos of information with powerful integrations to apps you already use. Cloud-based software is special because it easily communicates with other cloud apps, in real time. Fullbay is the only cloud-based heavy duty shop management software on the market.

Never have an invoice dispute with a customer again

Estimates build so fast in Fullbay, and it is so easy to get them in front of the customer, the entire authorization process becomes a pleasure. Customers feel the pain of the repair cost before the repair is actually done, and you have thorough, searchable documentation of their authorization. When the invoice comes, there are no surprises.

Give customers a better history on their units than hospitals have on their patients

Fullbay was built to be an "electronic medical record" for trucks, and we have taken the most innovative ideas from the EMR world and applied them to Fullbay. See the full service history for any unit and easily search it by component, system, part, or service date.

Never leave a part off an invoice again

Technicians cannot complete their work until all parts have been received in the system. This innovation means parts will never be left off a customer invoice, saving you hundreds or thousands per month.

Eliminate interruptions

Give yourself longer periods of uninterrupted work time. You'll get a lot more done, you'll feel less stressed, and you'll be able to go home and feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day.

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Get onto your customers' mobile devices

Submitting a repair request is always just a tap away for your customers. You will have a lot of good work coming in, and your phones won't be ringing off the wall. Your sales increase, customers are happier, and your reputation in the community and the industry will increase.

Have a packaged business you can sell

Fullbay automates so much of the day to day that you are free to work on your business, not just in it. Your shop becomes a nice, neat package that you will be able to sell one day and retire, instead of just shutting it down.

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