Jun 10, 2017

Electronic Signature: Why Capture One on Every Order

Electronic Signature: Why Capture One on Every Order

There always will be a time and place for handshake deals. You know, the business arrangements you seal with a firm handshake, a nod of the head, and direct eye contact. But there are also times when failing to collect an electronic signature on a work order can have serious consequences for your business—consequences such as not getting paid or, worse, being on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

While some of these situations may be the result of malice, most are due to simple misunderstandings, which you can easily avoid by putting the terms of your agreement in writing. And then, capturing your customer’s digital signature on the document. Why digital? Well, it’s a good thing you asked.

An electronic signature stands the test of time.

If you’ve run your business using pen and paper for awhile now, you know how challenging it can be to store all that paperwork. After all, each of those precious documents has to be saved for posterity—or, at least three years, according to the IRS. Not only are paper documents cumbersome to keep and difficult to find, but they’re also really challenging to maintain. That’s because paper isn’t especially durable, and ink fades. So, even if your handwriting happens to be incredibly legible, you may still be unable to decipher those details you did your best to transcribe. Digital documents, on the other hand, are legible, accessible, and won’t clutter up your valuable office space.

Your customers will enjoy the experience.

As technology becomes more prevalent, customers are beginning to expect a certain level of technological savviness from the businesses they frequent—and heavy duty repair shops are no exception. It only make sense that the shops that use the very best technology to record customer transactions and capture digital signatures also use the very best technology to perform diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and repairs. Your customers have a choice when it comes to selecting a heavy duty repair shop—and technology that captures digital signatures can give you a leg up.

It’s already built into your new shop management software.

If you’re using stellar shop management software, then capturing customers’ electronic signatures is a breeze, because every estimate you write, job you perform, and part you order will be securely documented and saved within the app. All you have to to do is pull up the information on your mobile device and hand it to your customer to review and sign with a finger. Within seconds, you can be sure you’re both on the same page in terms of the work and the cost. Plus, you’ll have proof that your customer agreed to those terms should questions ever arise.

Are you currently capturing your customers’ signatures electronically? Request your complimentary demo of Fullbay today, and we’ll show you just how easy it is to implement this game-changing technology in your shop.