Oct 23, 2018

Commercial Work Truck Upfitter

Commercial Work Truck Upfitter

Commercial work truck upfitting is similar to heavy-duty repair. Rather than repairing commercial trucks, however, upfitters remodel them. Certified upfitters are authorized by truck manufacturers to turn their vehicles into mobile offices, portable retail shops, or traveling stockrooms. Although an upfitting shop does notably different work than a standard heavy-duty repair shop, the businesses run pretty much the same. There is ordering, invoicing, jobs, and inventory to keep track of. Managers of both types of shops find that software is an invaluable tool that helps keep their businesses running smoothly. It’s possible to find free vehicle upfitters software, but be sure it offers all the features you need.

Ordering and Inventory Tracking are Effortless

Different customers have different ideas of how they want their trucks upfitted. However, techs use the same basic parts and accessories to turn the customer’s vision into reality. If you’re considering free vehicle upfitters software, look for a few specific elements. It should keep track of hardware, shelving, cabinetry, and all the other frequently used components. That way, you’ll always know what’s in stock. You can even use software with this capability to pre-assemble kits, which saves time during a job.

When the software shows you at a glance parts are on-hand, you can place orders as needed rather than getting caught short. What’s more, the right software creates orders and can place them with the click of a button.

Simpler Estimates and Job Scheduling

Creating estimates and scheduling jobs is simple if you can enter inventory and labor rates into free vehicle upfitters software. Start by choosing the components the client wants. Then enter the projected amount of time the job will take, and the software does the rest. Let’s say a customer has a cargo van that needs upfitting. They want it to be a mobile office and small stockroom to do deliveries and take care of business on the road. He’ll need a small computer desk with two file drawers, several shelves, and he’d also like some slide-out bins. The software shows you whether you have all the parts for the job in stock, as well as their prices. Plus, it allows you to plug them into the estimate form along with your labor charges. The result is a professional proposal you’ll be proud to present to the client.

Free software won’t include a customer portal, but it’s a useful feature that allows clients to submit a job request. That speeds up the process even more because the customer will already have entered what they need into the system. Once you receive the request, you review it and add in anything they may have missed, then schedule the job with a tech.

Free Vehicle Upfitters Software: Does it Make Invoicing a Snap?

Invoicing is time-consuming but it’s one of the most important steps in the process of running your business. Without those invoices, you don’t get paid. That’s why it’s handy if free vehicle upfitters software automates the invoicing step. It turns those estimates it helps you create into invoices. That means no more parts left off invoices and no more customer disputes—they can just check their estimate! Better yet, since all the information is already in the system, invoices can be sent with the push of a button. Then, the best software even goes a step further by enabling your customers to pay through their portal.

If you’ve ever wanted help running your upfitting business, it’s time to try Fullbay. It’s the vehicle upfitters software that simplifies every step. Fullbay gives you the help you need tracking inventory, placing orders, creating estimates, scheduling jobs, and invoicing–and, it even has a client portal. On top of all that, Fullbay works with the other apps you already use and it resides in the cloud. That means it’s easy to integrate into your business and you can access it anywhere on any Internet-enabled device. Fullbay takes care of all the details so you can work smarter, not harder. Fill in the form below for a free vehicle upfitters software demo and see how Fullbay can transform your shop.