Oct 30, 2018

Knowledge is Power for Running a Successful Business

Knowledge is Power for Running a Successful Business

If running a successful business was easy, going-out-of-business sales and boarded up storefronts wouldn’t exist. The unfortunate fact is that about 30 percent of new businesses fail within 2 years, and half will close their doors within 5 years. It may not be easy, but well-known names like Disney, Jobs, Gates, and Ford prove that business success is possible. What’s more, look around in your own hometown and you’ll see more proof on a local level. The key is to learn the principles that help accomplished entrepreneurs achieve success, then put those tenants to work. For example, knowledge is power. Focus on gathering as much of it as you can. It’s one of the best things you can do for your fleet.

Successful People are Smart

That’s not to say that only people with high I.Q.s achieve business success. In fact, the smartest people aren’t always the most prosperous. However, those who remain open to learning new things and gaining more experience know an important secret of success. Gaining knowledge and new skills benefit businesses and their customers for an almost instant ROI. Attend seminars and continuing education courses, hone your troubleshooting skills, and read general business magazines along with ones that relate directly to fleet management or heavy-duty repair shops. Constantly adding to your skill set and knowledge base sets your business up on the fast track to success.

Another smart move is to admit your mistakes. No one likes to make them, but they offer double opportunities for improvement. First, owning up to mistakes shows everyone around you from customers to employees that you’re honest and take responsibility seriously. Second, mistakes are a chance to grow and increase your knowledge. Own your mistakes and learn from them. You’ll be better equipped to deal with those same situations when they arise again.

Knowledgeable People Improve Business Success

No matter how much knowledge and experience you accumulate, you can’t be everything to everyone. That’s why smart shop owners and fleet managers surround themselves with knowledgeable people. They know that business success is a team effort. It involves hiring talented people and then letting them do their jobs. Share your knowledge with them and encourage them to continue their own education, too. That not only gives your business the best chance to grow and prosper, but it takes stress off you, too.

Naturally, it’s hard to let go of the reins completely. But, what if you could decrease your workload and worries keeping better track of your shop? You can with Fullbay. Developed with over 20 years of experience, implementing Fullbay is like gaining 2 decade’s worth of knowledge in one shot. Plus, Fullbay has capabilities like parts ordering, inventory tracking, and job scheduling. That’s like having a personal assistant at your beck and call. It even creates estimates and invoices and simplifies the payment process for your customers. If you could have just one tool for improving fleet efficiency and profitability, choose the one that accelerates business success. Choose Fullbay.