There’s all kinds of ways to learn how to use Fullbay! Our support services are completely free and come in the following flavors.

Service Order Workflow


Learning a completely new software doesn’t have to be difficult. Our guided onboarding will show you exactly how to put Fullbay to work for you.

  • Trained experts will walk you through how to set up and use Fullbay
  • No limit to the training: your rep is always available to give you a hand
  • Sessions are tailored so you learn at your own pace
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Fullbay Learn breaks down everything you need to know about the Fullbay workflow into convenient, easily digestible chunks

  • Ideal for self-training or training a new tech
  • Module-based – complete one section before moving on
  • Your staff can compete for badges, fostering healthy competition
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Inventory Managment
Estimates and Invoices


Get started right away! Choose our self-service option and the app will walk you through everything you need.

  • The setup will tailor itself to your needs
  • Choose your integrations immediately
  • Select parts and labor markup
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Learn how to use Fullbay while you’re in the app! Our guided training shows you exactly what you need to learn based on your role in the shop.

  • Follow a learning path designed for your particular job
  • You’ll still talk to a rep to further refine the way Fullbay works for you
  • Practice adding a customer, invoicing, and other tasks
  • Managers can track staff progress
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Customer Communication
Integrated Accounting


We have a dedicated customer service line that is open from 6 AM to 6 PM MST, and our reps are standing by to assist you!

  • Support is free – forever!
  • ¡Hablo español! We’re translating our modules into Spanish, too
  • Access to hundreds of training articles (and we’re always adding more!)
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C Is For Customer Service

“Anytime we send an email off to Sarah, we get a pretty great response. She’s amazing!”

Terry Hosking

Spurtys Mechanical

“Your tech support is top-notch! They are right there on the spot to answer any questions I have. I have made a few suggestions and some of them have actually been implemented. I can’t say enough great stuff about how you guys are evolving as a company. Every improvement that I’ve seen has benefited me for the most part in some way.”

Jennifer Callaway

Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance

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