What is Fullbay?

Fullbay is a shop management platform purpose-built for heavy-duty repair. With industry-leading features and functionality built in the cloud, Fullbay allows you to run a more efficient business from anywhere.


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Service Order Workflow

Service order workflow

Receive repair requests and generate service orders quickly and efficiently.

  • Receive service requests electronically
  • Assign technicians
  • Inspect and diagnose
  • Check inventory and order parts
  • Add images and notes
  • Employees alerted as tasks are assigned
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Inventory management

Manage parts across multiple locations and easily order from vendors.

  • Create purchase orders and receive parts
  • Manage your preferred shop vendors
  • Keep inventory balanced with minimum and maximum amounts
  • Utilize part kits for common repairs
  • Cross-reference parts via parts interchange
  • Simple over-the-counter sales
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Inventory Managment
Estimates and Invoices

Estimates and Invoices

Easily send estimates to customers and receive electronic approvals before starting work.

  • Set automatic approvals for individual customers
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Obtain accurate estimates with standardized labor times
  • Quickly create invoice before repair begins
  • Get paid faster with integrated account receivables
  • Sync invoice data to accounting software
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Customer Communication

Keep customers in the loop on repair progress with simple two-way communication.

  • Request and receive approvals for work
  • Manage part purchase approvals
  • Notifications for milestones during repairs
  • Add notes and images for detailed work summaries
  • Deliver digital invoices that can be signed electronically
  • Give each customer a unique portal for viewing fleet repair history
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Customer Communication
Integrated Accounting

Integrated Accounting

Reduce administrative overhead with automated bookkeeping that easily syncs with external accounting programs.

  • Manage paid and unpaid invoices
  • Review simple purchase order history
  • Valuable insights into part and repair profitability
  • Manage customers, including discounts and credits
  • Implement part markup and taxes
  • Automatically send data to QuickBooks
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Everything you need in the shop

Service Orders

Service orders

Receive work orders and manage every step

Job Estimates

Job estimates

Set the right expectations and get digital approvals

Inventory management

Inventory management

Remove the burden of managing your parts

Cores managment

Cores managment

Track cores, charges, and refunds with ease

Canned jobs

Canned jobs

Streamline common repairs with powerful automation

Over-the-counter sales

Over-the-counter sales

Integrated payment processing for part sales

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