Mar 24, 2018

Technology is a Change Agent

Technology is a Change Agent

Technology is a change agent that pulls us into a future we only used to dream about. It’s scary, though, to embrace a technology change agent instead of doing things the way you always have. Look back to the invention of the car. People were used to getting from place to place using horses and carts. Some scoffed at the “horseless carriage,” saying that it would never last. Fast forward more than a century, and many people own not just one, but two or more vehicles.

Or what about buying products online? As recently as the 1990s, people were leery about Internet purchases, but these days it’s no big deal. You’ve probably made several online orders already today. Successful businesses embrace technology change agents to keep up with the times. It’s how they stay ahead of the competition.

Shop management software is an ideal example of a technology change agent, and it is a game changer. It’s one simple thing you can implement. If your business adopts technology like this before the shop across the street does, you have a chance to zoom ahead of them. What’s more, it saves money across the board. The right shop management software can quickly beef up your bottom line or even turn it from red to black.

Implementing a Technology Change Agent

Investment pros say software is a good first step for businesses to take in going high-tech. It’s a technology change agent that’s affordable. What’s more, it streamlines the day-to-day business of your shop and positively affects how your employees work. Older technicians are sometimes skittish around new technology, but don’t sell these older techs short. They’ve seen a lot in their lives, and learned a lot, too. Don’t assume they can’t learn new things like working with software, especially when it makes their jobs easier.

What to Look For in Shop Management Software

Shop management software is a technology change agent that saves pennies in some areas and dollars in others. However, it all adds up quickly to increase your bottom line overall. That’s why it makes sense to find the shop management software that will do the most for you.

First, find software that works with another important technology change agent: the cloud. It’s secure and accessible on pretty much any device with Internet access. Shop management software that resides in the cloud frees you up from being tied to your business. It keeps you on top of everything, even when you aren’t physically in the shop.

Plus, software that works from the cloud on smartphones and tablets allows your techs to document repairs from wherever they are. It also enables customer participation. Customer portals make authorizations, service requests, and even paying invoices instantaneous.

Other useful elements of the right shop management software include:

  • automating the invoicing process
  • streamlining parts ordering
  • compatibility with software and apps you already use

Finally, for software to be a technology change agent that makes a difference, it should also simplify credit and debit card transactions when customers are ready to pay.

The good news is that Fullbay is the software that checks all the boxes on the list and more. It’s the perfect example of a technology change agent that gives you a leg up on the competition. It frees you up, puts information at your fingertips wherever you are, gets customers involved, and increases techs’ efficiency. See what it can do for your shop. Request a demo today!