Jul 06, 2018

Healthy Habits for Employees of a Truck Shop

Healthy Habits for Employees of a Truck Shop

Being a heavy-duty repair tech is a dirty job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an unhealthy one. In fact, there are many reasons for shop owners to encourage healthy habits. Studies show that health-conscious employees are more productive and take fewer sick days. What’s more, promoting truck shop employee healthy habits can save money, too. Any program that results in healthier employees and increases efficiency and your bottom line is worth putting into action.

Healthy Habit Ideas for Your Shop

Truck shops are busy places. Everyone  is typically on the go all day long, from the techs to the office staff. Employees often must snack on the fly instead of sitting down to a balanced meal. While you don’t have to provide catered meals designed by dieticians, you can give employees healthier selections. Change your order for the vending machine. Instead of chips, candy, and pastries, have the servicer stock mixed nuts, popcorn, and granola or protein bars. You could also provide fresh fruit in the break room instead of a box of doughnuts.

Hydration is important, too, especially in warmer climates. However, many people wait until they’re thirsty and dehydrated before they reach for something to drink. The solution is easy. Fill the fridge or cooler with bottled water, juice, and replenishing sports drinks like Powerade. Then, encourage employees to keep a beverage near their workstations. Having a drink handy makes it easier to remember to take a sip throughout the day. Also, many shops provide ice machines for their technicians. This is also a good way to help them keep cool in the warmer months.

Encouraging Healthy Habits Outside the Shop

A company fitness program is another way to encourage truck shop employee healthy habits. The great thing about these programs is that they can be whatever you want them to. For instance, you could buy a corporate membership at a local health club. These are often offered at a discount based on how many employees you have. You could also offer health screenings or disease management programs. Also, you might already be familiar with gamification for boosting your shop’s efficiency. Apply that same concept to health and wellness. Sponsor competitions among employees for weight lost over 60 days, minutes spent on exercise in a month, or most improved diet. Tailor the challenges to your employees’ goals and offer prizes such as extra vacation days, a gift certificate, or even a small cash bonus.

Truck Shop Employee Healthy Habits Save Money

The icing on the cake for encouraging truck shop employee healthy habits is that it can save money. Healthy employees don’t call in sick, and they’re proven to be more alert and productive. Those two issues alone are money-savers. Plus, shops that have wellness programs pay lower insurance premiums.  As it turns out, those healthier employees have lower health care costs. Insurance companies love that part of the equation. They’re happy to offer lower premiums when employers make it easier for their staff to stay fit and well. Ultimately, supporting truck shop employee healthy habits is a win-win for everyone.