Aug 03, 2015

Efficiency and Repair Shop Management Software

Efficiency and Repair Shop Management Software

Some shops pay flat rate, some pay hourly. If you are in the hourly boat, how can you tell whether a given technician is making you money? How can you tell whether he is working efficiently? You may be paying a tech hourly and the tech is billing very little. He may be eating you alive and you don’t know it.

Efficiency Defined

When a technician bills 8 hours and works 8 hours, he is 100% efficient. If he works 8 and bills 6, he’s at 75%. If he bills 10 he’s at 125%. Where would you like your technicians to be?

If only you could know, in real time, how many hours a tech is actually billing versus how many he is working, you could make adjustments before things get bad, rather than realizing days or weeks later, when the data is finally available.

The Fullbay repair shop management software solves this handily. By cleverly combining a time keeping system with the billing system, you can drill in and know at any given moment whether a tech has made you money today, this week, or this month.

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Jacob Findlay