Sep 14, 2015

Heavy Duty Repair Software

Heavy Duty Repair Software

Finding good heavy duty repair software can be quite the challenge. The tough reality is that the heavy duty market is underserved by technology. The good news is that is changing with Fullbay.

Taking care of a truck is very similar to a doctor caring for a patient. In both cases the best approach is preventive care. It can easily cost more to keep a person alive in the last few days of their life than was ever spent on prevention.

The Benefit of Good Heavy Duty Repair Software

Not only does getting ahead of problems save the customer, it improves your profit margin. That’s because you generally make more money on routine preventive maintenance services than you do on large, tear-down repairs. Plus there is less of a toll on the technician at the end of the job.


Prevention and preventive maintenance is literally better for everyone.

Stephen Covey paraphrased Peter Drucker as follows:

Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems. They think preventively. They have genuine … crises and emergencies that require their immediate attention, but the number is comparatively small.

The more you get ahead of problems in your shop and live in the world of prevention and preparation, the more you’ll be able to work “on” your business instead of “in” it.

Technology Will Help You

So how can technology help? Fullbay gives you the tools you need to get ahead of problems in the shop. For example, if you are trying to track preventive maintenance in an old legacy software system you are likely swimming in paperwork, because service orders must be printed, filled out, then re-input.

The time and energy spent on this means it often gets a little behind, meaning you are not always ahead of the game anymore. Even though you’re tracking PMs, the backward technology you’re dealing with causes you to eventually revert to a reactionary mode where you’re playing whack-a-mole to try to get re-caught up with your PMs. Sound familiar?

Fact: preventive maintenance has a higher margin than repairs.

PMs have a higher margin than repairs. So not only does a well-run PM program save your customer money, it makes you more money. Your heavy duty shop software should be gearing everything possible toward preventive maintenance.

Where Fullbay Comes In

Fullbay never requires you to print out forms. Everything is done directly in the app. You never print out, write down, then retype anything. This means that when PMs run, Fullbay immediately knows it. When the technician is done with the PM, Fullbay knows it.

There is no delay for entering paper service orders. You are freed up to simply run fleet reports and monitor how the fleets are doing. If something needs attention you can fix it with the click of a button, and everyone sees the update, including your customers in their portal.

Get ahead of your problems and pain points, and move into the world of prevention and preparation. You benefit, your customers benefit, and your techs benefit. Fullbay makes this happen. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo.

Jacob Findlay