Sep 21, 2015

Eliminate Invoice Disputes

Eliminate Invoice Disputes

Customer’s truck is down. They make money with this thing. They want it back up as soon as possible. Every hour that goes by is more money out the door for them. The pressure’s on you to get it fixed. Fast.

You nail the diagnosis and repair. Truck’s back up the same day. Customer’s making money again. They’re happy. You’re the hero!

Until they get the invoice. The customer calls up with those dreaded words: “You didn’t say it would cost this much!”

You, my friend, have an invoice dispute on your hands. You may have thought you had authorization. They may have even given it. But where’s the proof?

And so the back and forth begins. No matter what, you never win in the end. You may get them to pay, but now you’re the bad guy. Or you may take money off the invoice. But you’re still the bad guy because they think you tried to burn them. Your relationship is tarnished. And by discounting that invoice you may have just given away your entire profit for the week.

Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid these painful disputes in the first place?

Fullbay eliminates invoice disputes.

Fullby eliminates invoice disputes because good estimates produce undisputed invoices

Fullbay eliminates invoice disputes by generating hyper-accurate, richly-detailed estimates in under a minute. Customers are then able to quickly authorize the work before you get started on it. When the invoice shows up, there are no surprises.

Our heavy duty shop software is like nothing else out there. We make it extremely easy to build estimates that are hyper accurate, to the penny. And we do it fast. As in under a minute.

Fullbay lives in the cloud. In fact it is the only web-based heavy duty repair software out there.

Techs do their work on a smartphone. Vendors populate prices for you. And customers can see and play with their estimates in their own portal. Most important, they feel the pain of the repair bill at the best time for you: When the truck is still down. When they hit the ‘authorize’ button, it is fully documented. There can be no disputes.

You can be the hero AND get full payment from a very happy customer.

Request a free 30-minute demo today. We’ll show you how Fullbay will eliminate invoice disputes from your life.

Jacob Findlay