Why use truck repair software?

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Good truck repair software, especially for heavy duty shops, is like having the right tool for the job.

Use the right tool for the job

Truck repair software by Fullbay is the right tool for running a heavy duty truck shop. Not using Fullbay to run your shop is like trying to remove a bolt with a screwdriver. It’s doable but not without a lot of pain, frustration, and time.

If you’re trying to get a bolt loose, what tool would you rather have: a screwdriver or a wrench? The choice is obvious. Of course you could spend several minutes or even hours trying to remove a bolt with a screwdriver, and maybe you’ll even succeed. But in the process you get frustrated, tired, probably cut yourself, and spend way more time than is necessary. So much better to just shell out for the right tool.

Using the wrong software for your shop, or no software at all, is like using a screwdriver to remove a bolt. You get frustrated, tired, and spend way more time than necessary.

Let us show you Fullbay, and you’ll see that it is the right tool for running a heavy duty shop. Because we built it in a real shop, we have eliminated a lot of the key pain points in the shop — things no one else out there is tackling.

And because Fullbay lives in the cloud, you can do all of this shop management from literally anywhere. Leveraging the cloud versus dealing with software installed on computers in your shop is like the difference between a wrench and an impact wrench: They both get the job done eventually, but one gets you home to your family faster.

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Jacob Findlay

About Jacob Findlay

Jacob Findlay is the CEO and co-founder of Fullbay. Five years ago, he made the leap from healthcare to truck repair. He wanted to take the best ideas from the electronic medical records world and apply them to heavy-duty repair. In other words, build a medical record for trucks. Today Fullbay is the number one fleet repair platform in North America. Jacob is a CPA licensed in Arizona, has a Master's degree in Accounting, a cellist, a so-so surfer, and the father of eight children.

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