Sep 23, 2015

Why Should You Use Truck Repair Shop Software?

Why Should You Use Truck Repair Shop Software?

If you’re trying to get a bolt loose, what tool would you rather have: a screwdriver or a wrench? 

The choice is obvious. You could spend several minutes or even hours trying to remove a bolt with a screwdriver, and you might even succeed. But in the process, you’ll get frustrated, tired, probably cut yourself, and spend way more time than is necessary. With that in mind, you’re better off just shelling out for the right tool.

Truck repair shop software is a lot like a screwdriver: you can use it to loosen bolts. And by “bolts,” we mean “problems around your shop,” and by “loosen,” we mean “prevent or resolve.” You can use truck repair shop software to prevent or resolve problems around your shop. Perfectly clear copywriting!

Would you like to learn more about how today’s heavy-duty shop programs can make your shop more efficient and profitable than ever before? If so, here’s Fullbay’s guide to the reasons why you need truck repair shop software. And if not…too bad.

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What is Truck Repair Shop Software?

On the surface, truck repair shop software is simple enough—this term can describe any program designed for use in a heavy-duty repair shop. That said, most truck repair shop programs available today don’t just perform one or two tasks. Instead, they are fully-featured software suites with capabilities ranging from customer communication to workflow management and data reporting.

When you find the right program for your diesel truck repair shop, you won’t be able to remember how you lived without it. Unsurprisingly, software-powered shops are usually more organized and efficient than their analog counterparts. And because of that, these shops typically find it easier to maximize their income.

But there’s a catch: not all truck shop software options are equally intuitive, feature-rich, or affordable. That means you’ll need to spend some time looking for a program that fits your shop’s needs.

Why Use Truck Repair Shop Software?

Whether your shop specializes in repairing commercial trucks, emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances, or any other type of heavy-duty vehicle, it needs software it can count on. Some of the primary benefits linked to using truck repair shop software are:

  • Boosted efficiency. One of the first things you’ll notice when you implement truck shop software is its ability to streamline your shop’s processes. The best programs in this niche can increase your per-tech revenue by 20 percent.
  • Better organization. Are you manually tracking every part going into and out of your shop? If so, it’s time to consider switching to software-based parts and inventory management—for our sake and yours.
  • Improved customer service. The more effective your customer communication is, the more satisfied your clients will be. A high-quality software package can help you keep customers in the know without taking your techs away from their work.
  • Enhanced reporting/financial tracking. In today’s hyper-competitive truck repair industry, you can’t rely solely on gut instinct while making crucial business decisions. Instead, you’ll want access to a wide variety of KPIs—and truck shop software can help.

Key Features of Truck Repair Shop Software

Truck repair shop software is only as valuable as what it can do for your company. A few features your truck repair program of choice should include:

  • Service order workflow management. Being able to process service requests and generate service orders quickly will increase your shop’s overall efficiency.
  • Inventory management. With the right software, you won’t have to wonder how many parts your shop has in stock—and you’ll be able to streamline your ordering process.
  • Reporting capabilities. In the 21st century, a successful shop is a data-driven shop. Good truck shop software can give you a closer look at your business’ most important data points.
  • Estimates and invoicing. When you can create and send invoices and estimates from within your shop’s software, you can save time and focus on repairs.
  • Customer communication. The best truck shop programs won’t just help you and your techs. They can also make life easier for your customers in the form of email/text updates, repair progress tracking, and federal/state inspection reminders.
  • Integrated accounting. Bookkeeping is one of the most time-consuming parts of running a shop—but with a high-quality truck repair shop program, it doesn’t have to be.

How to Choose the Right Truck Repair Shop Software

Features are definitely something you need to consider when looking for diesel shop software, but there’s still more you should think about while going through this process. Your shop’s software package also needs to excel in terms of:


It’s never a bad idea to look for great value in truck repair shop software, as long as you understand that “value” and “price” don’t always mean the same thing. You might be tempted to go with free programs to meet your shop’s software needs, but these programs are extremely limited when it comes to features and functionality. To put it simply: you get what you pay for.

Instead, your best move is to look for a reasonably-priced professional truck shop software solution. In this industry, software pricing can be more complicated than you might think; however, the best programs on the market are ready to scale along with your shop’s needs.

Ease of Use

Have you ever watched a scary movie and started yelling at a character for going into the dark, spooky, obviously-haunted attic? In the modern age, just about everyone has a horror story about trying to use some poorly-designed, unintuitive piece of software. And when you’re searching for truck repair shop software, you actually have a chance to stop someone else’s horror story in its tracks.

The ideal truck repair shop program includes an easy-to-comprehend UI, negligible load times, and all the training, onboarding, and support services you could ever need. Just remember—software solutions are meant to solve problems, not cause them.


Remember how we started this article by comparing truck shop software to a tool? Well, the thing about tools is that you need more than one for most jobs—and the same principle applies in the digital realm. 

No matter how feature-packed your software is, it can’t do everything on its own. That means it should be ready to work with other well-known services in the industry, such as:


Generic products have a place in this world, and that place is elementary-school birthday parties you only sort of wanted to attend. But while there’s nothing wrong with washing down a slice of Little Caesars pizza with a tall glass of Mountain Lightning, your shop deserves better from its software.

Yes, general-use programs can and do offer some of the same features as dedicated truck shop programs. Even so, these programs aren’t built to meet the needs of heavy-duty shop owners, and they’ll invariably offer limited capabilities as a result. If you want industry-specific tools and partner expertise, you’d be much better off choosing software custom-designed for heavy-duty repair shops.

Pick the Best Software For Your Shop

If your truck shop hasn’t entered the digital age yet, there’s no better time to start than now. When you begin using top-notch truck repair shop software, you’ll benefit from increased organization and efficiency, more effective customer communication, and all the data you need to make intelligent decisions about your shop’s future.

Of course, only some software products can actually deliver these results. But if you ensure your software package includes industry-standard features like those listed in this article, you’ll be well on your way to finding a program that truly meets your needs.

At Fullbay, we take pride in offering all these features and more in our heavy-duty repair shop software. Beyond that, our products are highly customizable, easy to use, and compatible with other digital tools—and they do all this without breaking the bank. Learn more about Fullbay by scheduling a free demo ASAP!

Emilie Vecera