Fullbay + Texting: Our Newest Feature

Want to let your senior tech know they’ve been assigned to a job while they’re on a break? Need a customer to authorize a repair, but don’t know if they’re hanging out in the customer portal? We’ve definitely got a feature for you!

You may already be using and loving our internal text message notifications. But this week, we’re pleased to be rolling out an expansion of that feature – starting today, you can send text message notifications to your customers to alert them to important updates.

Ready to dive in and learn more? Let’s go!


This originally launched with Fullbay Connect, but we’re including a refresher here.

Even the hardest-working person on your staff steps away from their station now and then. They might end up in the bathroom, or go on a coffee break, or even shift to a different assignment. Our internal text message notification feature lets you alert members of your crew to various events that apply to them in real-time.

Let’s say you assign a tech to a new job coming in this afternoon. Fullbay will send them a text message indicating this, so they know today isn’t the day to take a long lunch. If some parts are ready for pricing, all you need to do is toggle that within the order and your parts manager will get a text telling them they need to get those parts priced.

All in all, you’re looking at faster reaction times and an increase in communication. Don’t worry, though – you and your crew can set “Do Not Disturb” hours to ensure their cell phones aren’t dancing the jitterbug when they’re off the clock.


This entirely new feature lets you reach out to your customers to let them know about certain events.

Don’t get nervous just yet – you don’t need to have long, drawn-out text sessions with your customers. When you send one of these texts, you’re basically reminding the customer to authorize estimates or pay invoices; the notification will include a link to their Customer Portal, so they can land right on the estimate or invoice.

If you have an approval threshold with a customer (say they pre-authorize you to make any repair up to $1,000), you can also send a text notifying them that you’ve approved a repair on their behalf.

Faster approvals and payments from customers? Yes, please!


If your techs and customers have their cell phone numbers within Fullbay, you’re all set. Just turn on Fullbay Connect and toggle text message notifications “on.” Then head to the pages for your staff members and decide which events will lead to a text message notification. For example, select “You are assigned as lead tech on a Service Order,” or “Service Order needs parts priced.”

If you’re not using Fullbay yet, but you dream of being able to send automatic notifications instead of picking up the phone or scribbling on a whiteboard, why not give us a try? We’d love to walk you through our free demo and show you what else we can do!

Suz Baldwin