The Right Truck Shop Software

Using the right truck shop software will earn you more revenue with the technicians you already have. Web-based Fullbay increases revenue by 20% per technician.

Say your shop has 5 techs who are each billing 35 hours per week with a labor rate of $95. Considering parts and supplies usually equal about 50% of labor, your fully-loaded rate is about $143 an hour. Each tech is bringing in $5,000 in revenue per week, or about $21,500 per month.

Chart showing Fullbay truck shop software impact on revenue

Fullbay truck shop software increases revenue per tech by 20%. This chart shows the increase in the first three months.

A 20% increase means that same technician is able to bill 42 hours in a week, or about $25,800 per month. That’s an increase of $4,300 per tech, and $21,500 across the shop.

Put another way, continuing to use the wrong truck shop software is costing you $21,500 per month in revenue.

How does the right software make such a difference? Fullbay cuts the estimate build time to less than a minute, and crowdsources the parts pricing. This means less standing around for the techs, and more getting work done. Technicians get more done in less time, which means more revenue for the shop and more time for them to have a life outside work.

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Jacob Findlay