Sep 24, 2015

Diesel Repair Shop Software

Diesel Repair Shop Software

Diesel repair shop software has to be different than what light duty shops use. This is because a diesel repair shop is engaged in business to business (B2B) transactions, whereas a light duty shop is typically business to consumer (B2C).

B2B has many advantages over B2C. For example, when dealing with consumers they tend to be very price sensitive and high maintenance. It’s their money, and they are very motivated to stretch their dollar as far as possible. Therefore the margins in light duty work are much less than heavy duty.

Illustration of diesel repair shop vs light duty shop

Diesel repair shops deal mostly with other businesses and enjoy higher margins. Light duty shops typically deal with consumers and have lower margins.

In contrast, business dealing with other businesses tend to be much less price sensitive. They are more concerned with getting the job done, and fast, because they typically make money with the truck you are servicing. In addition, the money involved is often not the personal money of the decision maker, so there is much less emotion involved. Heavy duty truck shops are able to command better margins than light duty.

In light of these differences between diesel / heavy duty repair shops and light duty shops, the software needed to run the shops must be built differently. You need the right tool for the job as it were.

A heavy duty truck shop needs to be able to handle purchase orders, track customers and contacts, and easily track multiple units per customer. A light duty shop isn’t so concerned with these things, but more concerned with driving as much volume as possible because of the thinner margins involved.

The motivation for a commercial truck shop’s customer is to get that truck back on the road and making money, at whatever reasonable cost necessary. For light duty customers, their motivation is to get the repair done as cheaply as possible, and they will shop it around as much as necessary.

Fullbay is software built in an active diesel truck shop. We understand the unique dynamics of heavy duty repair, and have built a tool that fits the job. Contact us today for a demo.

Jacob Findlay