Sep 07, 2015

Parts Pictures

Parts Pictures

Parts pictures in Fullbay save a lot of time and frustration.

You’re on the phone with the dealer, trying to describe the part you need. What’s worse, After several minutes you think you’re finally talking about the same thing, but when the part shows up, surprise surprise — it’s the wrong one.

Old advertisement showing the worth of pictures over words

One picture of a part can save several minutes on the phone. It can also prevent the wrong part from being ordered.

What if your technician could easily snap a photo of a part or filter during the normal course of their work, and vendors could see that photo with no further work on your part?

With Fullbay’s vendor portal, your technician takes a photo of a part on their phone and it’s immediately available for you and the vendor to see. No email involved, no having to be in the shop. No playing the telephone game. It’s all possible because Fullbay lives in the cloud.

You know what’s also possible because we’re in the cloud? Watch out, because we’re just getting started.

Ask us for a demo to see how Fullbay takes the pain out of shop ownership.

Jacob Findlay