Pictures on Estimates

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Pictures on Estimates

Pictures on estimates convey in an INSTANT what you might struggle to explain over several minutes. You are more credible and get authorization faster for your heavy duty diesel shop.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a photo you can communicate immediately what could talk a tremendous amount of time to explain. Pictures convey emotion, clarity, context, and a story.

Often it’s tough to convey the need for a repair. It’s worse when you have to convince the local fleet manager AND their fleet management company like Wheels or ARI. You may spend a half hour on hold trying to communicate something a couple pictures could say in an instant.

Imagine Having Pictures on Estimates

Imagine a world where your technicians could take a picture with their phone or tablet, and you could instantly put it on the estimate. Pictures on estimates. Faster authorization, more approved work, and less time on hold with the fleet management company.

Pictures give you instant trust from the customer, because they are able to see what you see. And like always, trust gets you speed. Speed makes you and your shop more efficient.

Fullbay makes this a reality. With our photo feature, your technicians can take a picture right on their phone. You can immediately see it (anywhere in the world) and you can choose whether your customer can see it.

How to Take Great Pictures

Harry Fish, in his article “Make an Emotional Storytelling Connection with Photos”, lists five things to consider when taking a picture:

  1. What is the most important element in the scene?
  2. What opportunity do I have to prepare to make the image?
  3. How do I establish a plot, a story?
  4. How am I going to guide the eye of the viewer?
  5. And above all, what is the tale you see in this image? Why do I want to take it in the first place?

Of course, technicians don’t need to rise to the level of professional photographer. But giving your technicians, and your shop, this additional tool in their belt will only make your life as a shop owner easier.

Put Pictures on Your Estimates

If you want an easy way to put photos on your estimates, and this kind of innovation in repair shop management software is something you might be interested in, ask today for a free demo. We run a great repair shop as a lab and are happy to share what we do.

Jacob Findlay

About Jacob Findlay

Jacob Findlay is the CEO and co-founder of Fullbay. Five years ago, he made the leap from healthcare to truck repair. He wanted to take the best ideas from the electronic medical records world and apply them to heavy-duty repair. In other words, build a medical record for trucks. Today Fullbay is the number one fleet repair platform in North America. Jacob is a CPA licensed in Arizona, has a Master's degree in Accounting, a cellist, a so-so surfer, and the father of eight children.

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