Freedom From the Shop

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Shop owners are usually tied to their shop. Physically. Not with a physical rope or chain. But they have to physically be in the shop to make sure things keep running. It is an industry-wide problem that quite literally drains the life out of owners.

No Life Outside the Shop

Whether it’s approving estimates before they go out, reviewing invoices, or monitoring that work is coming in and is being done, most shop owners are a prisoner to their own shop. What this usually ends up in is not much of a life outside work, less than ideal relationships with family and friends, and eventual burnout.

The Dream: Freedom From the Shop

Wouldn’t it be a dream to still feel in control and accomplish the same things, but be freed up from having to physically be in the shop?

Fullbay: The Dream Come True

Fullbay makes this a reality. Because Fullbay lives in the cloud, we’ve made it super easy to see work coming in, know that it’s getting processed, and review things like estimates and invoices — all from wherever you happen to be. You could be at home, at the beach, or at your daughter’s softball game.

You can also input parts pricing, order parts, and receive customer payments from anywhere.

Finally, Fullbay allows you to see statistics like billed hours in real time, so you know things are getting done without having to physically be in the shop to watch it happen.

Schedule a demo now so we can show you how this works, and how Fullbay could literally give you a life outside the shop.

Jacob Findlay

About Jacob Findlay

Jacob Findlay is the CEO and co-founder of Fullbay. Five years ago, he made the leap from healthcare to truck repair. He wanted to take the best ideas from the electronic medical records world and apply them to heavy-duty repair. In other words, build a medical record for trucks. Today Fullbay is the number one fleet repair platform in North America. Jacob is a CPA licensed in Arizona, has a Master's degree in Accounting, a cellist, a so-so surfer, and the father of eight children.

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