Jul 17, 2018



Staying on top of maintenance is job one for heavy-duty shops and fleets. Going high-tech makes that task easier. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is just the technology for the job. From maintenance schedules to inventory, invoicing to tech availability, it keeps all the info you need in one place. Plus, computerized data is quickly and easily accessible whenever you need it. Once you’ve worked with a CMMS, you won’t know how you managed without one.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

The purpose of a CMMS is to make managing maintenance easier. Essentially, it’s a software program, a database full of all the information about a business’s maintenance operations. A CMMS is useful for many types of businesses. It’s especially helpful for those that work with equipment, inventory, vendors, and techs. The basic concept is flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of individual companies. Different ones can use the features they find most helpful to streamline their business.

CMMS in the Shop

Using CMMS software in a heavy-duty shop is a no-brainer. Shop managers find it’s like having a personal assistant by their side at all times. They use the software to book jobs, track techs’ time, create invoices, and manage and track inventory and costs. A computerized maintenance management system automates estimates and invoicing.  It even streamlines parts ordering. The icing on the cake is that all that information is in one database. That simplifies other tasks such as bookkeeping and budgeting, too.

Maintenance Management Software for Fleets

Many of the essentials that shop managers look for in a CMMS are important to fleet managers, as well. However, a computerized maintenance management system also has a few extras fleets find helpful. For example, it tracks PM schedules to minimize vehicle downtime. The best software allows fleet managers to schedule maintenance and repairs and pay invoices, too. Plus, it keeps track of truck history, kind of like a medical record for vehicles. Like the rest of the info, you can pull it all up at the click of a button. That’s handy, especially when a roadside inspector wants to see maintenance records.

One Software for Both Jobs

No matter which end of the heavy-duty truck business you’re in, the right software can make all the difference. Whether you manage a repair shop or a fleet, the most effective CMMS is one that is scalable. It offers all of the elements listed here, giving shops and fleets access to the features most useful to them. But is also leaves the door open to grow with the businesses. Additionally, the best computerized maintenance management software is in the Cloud. That makes it usable no matter where you are, onsite or off. It cuts the tether that ties you to the office. You can just use your mobile device to take care of business from anywhere.

If you think CMMS software sounds too good to be true, think again. Fullbay is the CMMS that brings all the elements of maintenance management into one intuitive, easy to use package. It makes running your business a snap. It increases efficiency for shops and fleets, and that increases profitability, too.