Apr 09, 2021

A Quick Guide to Breakdown Directories

A Quick Guide to Breakdown Directories

In most of our webinars and ebooks, we’ve talked about how getting your shop listed on a breakdown site is useful.

We do this for a reason. “Breakdown service” is pretty alluring: you’re helping drivers who badly need to get back on the road, and you’re often making a premium because you’re providing emergency service.

But what is a breakdown site, and how can you get listed on one?

Let’s discuss.


A breakdown site, or breakdown directory, is a list of shops that provide emergency repairs to vehicles that need it.

That listing may come in many forms. In some cases, it’s an actual printed book that a driver can keep in the cab with them. In other cases, it’s an app they can access on their phone, or a website they can scroll through. Whatever shape the breakdown directory takes, it lets drivers find emergency help near them.

Stuck in southern Nebraska? A breakdown site will help you find a shop in your vicinity.

Broken down outside metro Los Angeles? Yep, there’s emergency repair services there, too.

Some breakdown sites go even further and include additional resources like nearby hotels (if they have to stay awhile), dealers, or even shops specializing in particular types of repairs (like hydraulics, tires, and so on).


Now, breakdown sites aren’t omnipotent. They don’t trawl the internet locating shops and adding them to the listings. Instead, shops approach the breakdown site and pay a fee (more about that below) to appear on it.

The benefits are pretty clear.

First, you’re providing assistance to drivers who really need it.

Second, you can generally charge a premium for emergency service – especially if it’s after hours.

Third, it can become a new revenue stream. If your shop is one of the few along a lonely stretch of a highway, a lot of work could be coming your way.

Fourth, if a driver (or their fleet manager) likes the work you do, it’s entirely possible that regular maintenance could be heading your way eventually.

Extra revenue and the chance to help someone out? Sign us up!


OK, here’s where it gets a little tricky. There are a lot of breakdown sites out there, and getting listed looks a little different on each of them.

Below, we’ve provided a list of 11 breakdown sites and some information about how to register for each one. Generally speaking, most have some sort of tiered offering; basic tiers might let you have a little bit of information about your shop, while the premium tiers might let you have pictures, social media links, banner ads, and more.

Explore the sites below to learn more!


How much does it cost to get listed on these breakdown sites, and what sort of advertisement do you need to write? We’ve gathered some basic information on each site (when available) so you can get started.

ServiCase has options for both regular consumers and fleets/carriers. The fleet option lets you track events like invoices and photos, as well as track breakdowns and send out service providers.

Want to get listed as a service provider? Rates vary from $199/year (starter) to $799/year (VIP) and include options like basic banner ads all the way up to full-page spreads and e-dispatch options.

Transportation Breakdown puts drivers and providers in touch with each other across the country. You can also find rest stops and gas prices.

There are three levels you can join at: Free ($0!), Basic ($89/year), and Premium ($159/year). The Free listing gets you a map display and a location; premium gets you goodies like company logo, after-hours number, and more.

USA Breakdown maintains an active blog bringing you up-to-date news on the trucking industry. You have to register to get a look at their plans, but you can do so here.

Fleets and owner-operators get free access to TruckDown’s growing database of service providers; its app even lets a driver or manager see how repairs are proceeding on their vehicle so they can estimate when they’ll be back on the road.

Want to join their listing? Their pricing options range from $330 to $660 per year, and include access to top spot within your tier as well as various promotions.

NTTS is short for National Truck & Trailer Service and puts drivers and managers in touch with repair facilities around the country. You can use their app to search for a service provider, of course, or you can order the 1200+-page hard copy to keep with you.

Advertising ranges from $149 for a small ad to $193 for a large one. It costs $25 to add an after-hours number to each.

Breakdown Directory serves the trucking industry and anyone else who happens to need some roadside assistance.

Their top provider listing is $699/year.

What do you need to find? Tire shops, towing service, a truck stop, mobile repair? Pick out the service you need on Find Truck Service.

Like many other listings, you have several advertising tiers to choose from, ranging from a Basic account at $138/year to a Premium account at $498/year. Your tier will determine how many services you can list, along with images and descriptions.

It’s got “truckers” in the name, but Truckers Assist offers a helping hand to those in the coach, food, and automotive industries, among others. From windshield repair to refueling and reefer services, it’s got just about everything for the stranded driver.

You’ll need to contact them for pricing information.

The 4RoadService directory connects drivers with over 25,000 service providers, and also provides information on rest stops.

Advertising options range from Bronze (free) for a basic listing with your address, number, and a short description, to Platinum ($829/year), which includes a logo, website links, social media links, and space at the top of search results.

Trucking SE touts transparency, allowing drivers to see all the information they need to make an informed decision. A bigger shop might charge more but have you back on the road sooner, whereas a smaller shop might be less expensive but have more restrictive hours.

You’ll need to sign up to see rates.

BigRig411 doesn’t just hook you up with repair shops. It also provides access to truck washes and truck/trailer parts, and tow services.

If you want your shop included on BigRig411’s listings, you’ll need to sign up with its parent company, RoadSync.


And there you go! We hope you’ve found our guide to breakdown sites helpful and are planning to join at least a couple. We wish you good fortune and good repairing.

Suz Baldwin