Jul 18, 2019

What is Fullbay?

What is Fullbay?



What is Fullbay? It is an end-to-end repair shop management software, built specifically for the heavy duty industry. In fact, we built it in an active repair shop that we used as a laboratory to test our ideas. That means Fullbay works in the real world. And although Fullbay already does quite a bit, we are just getting started.

The Cloud

For those who ask, “What is Fullbay?”, the short answer is that it’s a secure web-based app that lives in the cloud. While that may be a short answer, it’s not a simple one because it opens a world of possibilities. It allows Fullbay to tie into other cloud-based tools, like QuickBooks Online and satellite tracking devices.

Additionally, residing in the Cloud means reliable uptime, and access from anywhere, either on a desktop computer or any Internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. No more nightly backups, expensive servers, or ridiculous license fees, and support is free—forever.  You pay monthly and can cancel whenever you want.

What’s more, all your information is stored in Fullbay. Customers, units, contacts, service history, PM programs – it’s all in there. No more having crucial customer information scattered in different software, spreadsheets, notebooks, etc. We make it easy to keep everything in one place. 

What is Fullbay? The Answer is in How Fullbay Works

When asking “What is Fullbay?”, the underlying question is, “How does Fullbay work?”

Put simply, service requests come in one end, and hyper-accurate invoices come out the other. And if you use QuickBooks—either the online or desktop version—Fullbay puts them into your accounting software automatically. Fullbay ensures that everything from customer invoices to credits to payments posts automatically to QuickBooks. Plus, thanks to a secure connection through QuickBooks encrypted API services, all the accounting-related info you enter into Fullbay syncs instantly with QuickBooks Online. And it syncs as quickly as 10 to 15 minutes with the desktop version.

There’s more to the accounting updates than that, however. Vendor credits and bills update automatically, as well. With all the accounting tasks automated, there’s no need for double-entry. That means one person in the back office can do the work of three.

Furthermore, Fullbay is a master at inventory management. It keeps track of inventory in all your locations, including service trucks, warehouses, and retail bins. It accommodates multiple parts matrix scales for marking up parts both by type and vendor—and it uses a cost floor to set a minimum markup starting point. That feature is particularly useful for managing bulk buys. Fullbay will alert you when your inventory hits the reorder thresholds you set. Plus, a few clicks of a button is all it takes to order or reorder parts. You can even tell Fullbay which vendors are preferred, making reorders even quicker.

What Happens in Between Service Requests and Invoices?

The magic of Fullbay is the workflow it creates. It’s a vital part of the answer to the question: What is Fullbay?

First, technicians each have their own login. That not only allows them to clock in and check out and document their work on a phone or tablet but also lets you track tech productivity in real time, from anywhere in the world. You can use Fullbay to assign work or technicians can self-select jobs, even when they’re not at the shop. It’s a great way to manage work. Plus, you can see which techs are producing as well as hold them accountable for their returns.

Next, all of your customers and vendors get their own portal. These portals are free, created instantly whenever you add a customer or vendor and they work beautifully.

Vendor portals save time for both you and the vendor. You use it to submit price inquiries and vendors use their portal to give you the quotes.  They can fill orders and invoice you through their portal. Additionally, vendors can use their portal to view payment summaries and see the status of invoices at a glance.

The customer portal saves time, too, and offers extra value by bringing customers into the process. They can use the portal in many ways to manage their fleet, including:

  •     creating a service request
  •     monitoring repairs in real time
  •     accessing service history from anywhere, even the side of the road
  •     authorizing repairs
  •     viewing and paying invoices

Plus, fleets can toss their spreadsheets. Instead, Fullbay lets them manage PMs and overall fleet health using reports they can access through their portal. 

Facilitating Order to Cash

What is Fullbay? It’s a way to take repair work from order to cash immediately. One way that’s accomplished is integrating with all major credit card providers including Worldpay. If you already have a credit card service, we will help you connect it into Fullbay.

Once the work is complete, a service order or estimate is instantly converted to an invoice and sent to customers. The customer completes the transaction through the customer portal, reviewing the invoice and entering their credit card information. This can even be done on the side of the road when mobile techs are deployed for emergency repairs or on-site PMs. As quickly as that, you’re paid. 

How to Get Started

Want a first-hand answer to the question What is Fullbay? Fill in the form to request a demo now and see how well Fullbay will work for your shop.

Jacob Findlay