4 Core Values That Define Fullbay

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Building a business around values is nothing new. For ages, companies have adopted core values to define what makes them unique and why they exist. Even before Fullbay got off the ground, we knew what principles we wanted for our foundation. We wanted to create a useful heavy duty repair shop tool that met a need no one else was meeting, including promoting a life/work balance. To do that, we knew it would require dedication, a diligent work ethic, and accountability. They may seem simple on the surface. However, these four straightforward Fullbay core values are what drives the company and guarantees our software and service exceeds expectations every time.

Fullbay Core Values Center on Building Quality Too

1) Build Quality Tools–First and foremost, we are tool builders. Providing shop owners and managers with a tool to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable is the entire reason Fullbay exists. That’s why Fullbay core values include striving for a high level of craftsmanship. That intention was there at the beginning during the development stage. What’s more, it continues to be a high priority as we add features and the Fullbay software evolves. We know that the tools that are simplest to use are the best ones. Doing our job right means you can accomplish more with less work while using Fullbay.

High-Performance, Low-Maintenance

2) Be High Functioning–Work ethic is a high priority in the Fullbay core values. We are high-performing, low-maintenance people. We’ve successfully merged intelligent creativity with the blue-collar work ethic that helped build this country. In other words: we get after it! We know it’s one thing to have a great idea, and something else entirely to execute that idea. At Fullbay, though, that’s what we do every day. We go all out looking for more ways to make life easier for shop managers and owners. Then, we go even further to make those ideas a reality.

Take Action and Get Out of the Comfort Zone

3) Run into the Fire–At Fullbay, we’ve found the best learning comes from doing, and that knowledge is why we shun our comfort zone. It’s what drives us to run into the fire, and why it’s among the Fullbay core values. Knowing we’ll learn something from every experience has given us a bias for action and, good or bad, we willingly own up to the results. We don’t shy away from making upfront agreements, so you always know where we stand and what to expect. What’s more, we value the customer’s voice, so we listen more than we talk, giving us another way to learn even more.

Promoting Balance: The Essence of Fullbay Core Values

4) Promote Balance–This is a top goal for us and, therefore, one of the most important Fullbay core values. We seek balance in our own lives and aim to help our customers bring balance to their lives, too. Work can be fulfilling, but an out-of-control-shop can eat you alive. Fullbay puts control of your shop back in your hands so you have more time for family, friends, and taking care of yourself. When you have that kind of balance in your life, work is no longer a cause of stress but becomes a source of happiness.

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