How to Truly Satisfy the Customer with Customer Portals

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One of the biggest frustrations of heavy duty shop customers is the lack of transparency around the whole repair process. Of course, doing a high quality job has to happen. But even then, you are not able to truly satisfy the customer.

Your customers feel unheard. They feel like they are not able to communicate well with the technician, which is very frustrating for them. If they need an update on status, they have to call the shop and hope they get someone that knows the status.

Customer portals

The sun is rising on customer portals. Truly satisfy your customers by giving them a view into their own information.

And with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars invested in their fleet, they don’t have access to a decent service history. Many of them don’t even have a complete unit listing.

Transparency and Customer Portals

There is a way to truly satisfy the customer. We learned over the years the key pain points in the customer experience, and we’ve solved them with one word: Transparency.

Transparency deepens customer loyalty. It grows your relationship with the customer more into a partnership.

One way we built transparency into Fullbay is by giving customers a portal into their information. They can manage their units, request service, see PM history, approve work and pay invoices. And all of it is tied to your shop, with your shop logo prominently displayed. They can also submit a repair request in their own words, in their customer portal or mobile app.

You’re confident the customer’s request is going right to the tech, exactly how the customer communicated it. Just knowing that’s happening is huge. The tech sees exactly what the customer wrote, so he can focus on being the hero.

Customers aren’t forced to play the phone game. They say, “When I take something in, this shop understands what I need and they get it done! The tech is my hero.” What’s more, they now have a complete fleet listing they can rely on, and it’s all tied to your shop. As long as you do good service and act with integrity, there shouldn’t be any reason for customers to go to your competitors for service. We have found that portals greatly increase customer loyalty.

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Jacob Findlay

Jacob Findlay is the CEO and co-founder of Fullbay. Five years ago, he made the leap from healthcare to truck repair. He wanted to take the best ideas from the electronic medical records world and apply them to heavy duty repair. In other words, build a medical record for trucks. Today Fullbay is the number one fleet repair platform in North America. Jacob is a CPA, a cellist, a so-so surfer, and the father of seven children.