Dec 10, 2022

Better Together: Silver & Gold, PB & J, FB & DM

Better Together: Silver & Gold, PB & J, FB & DM

Is there anything better than peanut butter and jelly?

Of course not. There are some things that come close—macaroni and cheese, for example, or hot chocolate and cherries (you’re welcome). But honestly, they can’t top peanut butter and jelly for that phenomenal combination of deliciousness, texture, and heck, even nutrition.

Now that we’ve made you good and hungry, we’d like to tell you about another outstanding, if less edible, pairing: Fullbay and Dieselmatic. They go together like peas in a pod. Oops, there we go with food comparisons again. How about silver and gold? Or Rudolph and a sleigh?

(Yes, Fullbay has caught the holiday bug. Just be glad I didn’t make an Elf reference yet.)

Anyway…what’s so great about putting these tools together?

Grab a PB&J or your favorite reindeer and let’s talk!


When Dieselmatic builds your website, they include a service request form. When someone fills out that request form, it goes to your email inbox…and your Fullbay app!

The information you need is immediately at your fingertips. You don’t need to assign staff members to monitor your shop’s inbox and copy information into Fullbay—that’s a lot of time and effort that can be directed to more important things…you know, like actually wrenching!


Online reviews—and especially Google reviews—are a cornerstone of your shop’s reputation and a driver of new customers and revenue. You probably already know this, because we scream about it constantly on both of our blogs. =D

But since you are also presumably used to, well, using the internet, you know that leaving a review often gets shuffled to the bottom of your to-do list. That’s honestly how a lot of your customers probably feel, too.

If you’re a Fullbay customer who also uses Dieselmatic, here’s how the pairing can work in your favor. A couple days after a customer leaves the shop, Dieselmatic will send them an email reminding them to post a Google review. There’s even a link included in that email. Oh snap! Sometimes all it takes is that reminder—and then you’ve got a (hopefully) glowing report from a real-life customer that will help encourage new folks to give you a try.


In 2023, we’re aiming to have the Dieselmatic dashboard embedded directly inside the Fullbay app. Yes, that means what you think it does: You’ll be able to see all your marketing efforts right inside Fullbay.

We’re also working on all kinds of other neat stuff—things like website-based customer onboarding, marketing channel revenue tracking, and more. Remember, we only teamed up with Dieselmatic in April of 2022. We’ve had less than a year to really see what our two apps can do together. We’ll be working hard to develop other integrations that will help you take your shop’s services and revenue to the next level.

So, if you’re already a Fullbay customer but are curious about what else Dieselmatic can do for you, get in touch with them today to learn more. And if you’re still thinking about whether Fullbay is right for your shop…well, there’s no time like the present to find out for sure! Bypass Santa entirely and give our free demo a whirl to find out what shop life is like when it’s powered by Fullbay.

Suz Baldwin