Nov 09, 2015

How to Build Estimates Fast

How to Build Estimates Fast

Unfortunately, some customers require estimates. Maybe it’s a trust level that could be higher, or a corporate policy they don’t control. Sometimes it’s a cash-strapped customer. In any of these cases, to win the business you must prepare an estimate.

Estimates can take a long time to build. On big jobs, it takes hours. You have to transcribe your technician’s notes, call up parts vendors, wait on hold, and read them the VIN. All the while hoping you’re talking about the same part. Then you have to input prices manually from what you hear over the phone.

Time is money, and the longer it takes you to put an estimate together, the less time you have to do repairs. So what options do you have to build estimates fast?

Build Estimates Fast

Imagine a world where estimates build themselves as your technicians do their diag. Parts vendors populate prices for you. After just a minute or two of effort added up, you have a hyper accurate estimate.

Because technicians each have their own login to Fullbay, they can do their checkin inspections electronically, and as they diagnose the complaints, everyone sees it in the system at the same time. This means in Fullbay the estimate is able to build itself organically.

We build an innovative vendor portal, where parts vendors can respond to email quote requests in an extremely easy fashion. They click a link in their email and are taken right into their portal, where they can see everything they need to about the unit you are working on, including VIN and serial numbers. They put the part number and price in, and like magic you can see it on your end. And the estimate immediately displays the prices they entered, marked up and ready to go.

Build estimates fast. Take what can take hours and do it in a minute or two. Win more business and get time back. Fullbay may be a good fit for your shop. Reach out to us for a demo to find out.

Jacob Findlay