Mobile Lube Oil Business: Extending Your Services

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Customer satisfaction is the name of the diesel repair game and satisfaction starts with making things easier for the customer. In looking at all the ways your shop can offer convenience for the customer, mobile services top the list. True, it can get spendy to equip a service truck to take your entire game to the customer. However, starting out by offering basic services like mobile lube at the customer’s site is a great way to get your foot in the mobile service door. Begin with a mobile lube oil business. Use it as a springboard to expand your shop and increase income.

The Need for Mobile Lube Oil Business

The current fast pace of business creates a huge mobile services demand. That’s why there’s a need for mobile oil changes, and why there’s never been a better time to start a mobile lube oil business.

Oil changes are a basic PM, but many fleets can’t afford the downtime of taking their trucks to shops and leaving them there for a day or two. It’s a rock and a hard place, though. Without regular oil changes, trucks don’t run optimally, and other problems can arise to cause unscheduled downtime in the end.

That’s where your mobile lube oil business comes to the rescue. Your tech services trucks on-site when they are not in use. He can easily line them up and work on several at once, kind of like on an assembly line. It’s ultra-efficient and practically pain-free for the customer.

More Than an Oil Change

What’s more, your mobile lube services benefit fleets in more ways than simply changing the oil. As the tech is performing the service, he is also inspecting the truck to ensure it can perform its best until the next oil change. He’ll flush fluids, change valves and filters, and clean and inspect various parts and systems. If the tech finds anything wrong, he creates a repair estimate for the fleet manager who orders the repair for a convenient time when the truck isn’t scheduled for use. That way, the unit gets fixed before failure. That allows PM issue identification and repair before a port inspection, avoiding delivery delay and a dissatisfied customer for your customer.

As you’ve probably already realized, a mobile lube oil business is the gateway to additional services—which increases income. The icing on that cake is that a mobile lube oil business has low overhead to begin with. You likely have everything you need on hand, starting with trucks your shop already owns. You probably won’t even have to purchase additional specialized equipment or supplies.  Most of the income your mobile lube oil business generates will be profit. That’s an immediate cash flow to invest in growing the business, pay off obligations, or expand the mobile services you offer.


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