Feb 23, 2018

Hiring Assistants For Diesel Techs

Hiring Assistants For Diesel Techs

Heavy duty repair shops are busy places, and good diesel techs have their hands full all day long. What’s more, good diesel techs are hard to find. When you do attract talented techs to your shop, you want to keep them. Hiring diesel tech assistants is one way to keep your best techs happy, as well as improve the overall efficiency of the shop.

Are Assistants Necessary?

Some managers see hiring diesel tech assistants as an unnecessary cost. After all, does a mechanic really need someone to help them do a job they’re good at? Remember that diesel techs are specialists. They perform a service not just anyone can do.

Having an assistant is more than simply a nice perk, especially for the tougher jobs that require particularly focused attention. An assistant can organize tools for a job, so they’re ready when the tech needs them. He can run for parts, whether it’s to your on-site parts department or a dealership. An assistant performs numerous little time-consuming tasks, freeing up your diesel tech to do the job you hired him for.

Yes, hiring diesel tech assistants for your best techs makes your shop run more smoothly. However, it’s also a terrific bonus for your techs. It shows them that you value them and their time. It makes their job easier, too. Many techs prefer a permanent assistant over a one-time cash bonus.

Where To Look When Hiring Diesel Tech Assistants

Where do you look when hiring diesel tech assistants? Technical colleges are a great place to start. Since an assistant is an entry-level job, it’s a good one for someone who is in the process of getting a diesel tech certification or who has just gotten one. Established fleets don’t require a certificate when hiring diesel tech assistants, but it’s a plus. Assistants with certifications have knowledge and skills non-certified applicants don’t. That’s why those working on a certification are better choices than someone with no heavy duty repair experience at all.

Working as an assistant offers the chance for hands-on experience. Assistants can learn advanced techniques from the expert techs they work with. Really talented techs pass on procedures and good habits assistants can use throughout their careers.

The Affordability Factor

If you’re not sure hiring diesel tech assistants is the right move for your shop, or if you’re worried about the cost, consider a part-timer. The Telegraph points out that hiring any type of assistant doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment. Just having someone available to delegate to for a few hours each day or a couple of the busiest days a week is very helpful.

If assistants improve your diesel techs’ efficiency—and, therefore, your shop’s profits—you might decide to increase their hours. Then, sit back and see how hiring diesel tech assistants full-time can positively affect shop morale and your bottom line.