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Top 10 Gifts For A Technician

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The perfect present is one that is useful. Diesel techs are hard to buy for, however. It is difficult to come up with gift ideas that are unique and practical at the same time. If you’re stumped about what to get the diesel tech in your life (for birthday, Christmas, work anniversary), take this handy list along when you go shopping for technician gifts.

Top 10 Technician Gifts

1. Tough Case for a Smartphone or Tablet

Diesel techs work in grimy, rugged environments. Therefore, a tough case for a smartphone or tablet will defend against dirt, spills, and dropping.

2. Steel-Toe Boots

The same reasons that make a tough case for a smartphone one of the best technician gifts also make steel-toe boots a good choice. They’ll protect your tech’s toes from injury and grunge in the workplace.

3. Matco or Snap-on Gift Card

Socket sets, screwdrivers, punches, and hammers…diesel techs need to be well equipped with the right tools. Consequently, a gift card to a favorite tool supplier is one of the top technician gifts.

4. Software To Help Them Be More Efficient

Most industries have gone high-tech, and that includes repair shops. Help your diesel tech be more productive with software that improves efficiency. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Technician’s Hand Care Kit

It’s a dirty job, but there’s no reason a tech’s hands have to give his profession away. Put together a diesel technician’s hand care kit including a salt scrub, nail brush, and ultra-hydrating cream.  

6. Multi-Tool

A diesel tech’s tool box is his best friend, yet sometimes a simple multi-tool can be indispensable.  Due to their versatility, they’re at the top of the list of gifts for a technician.

7. Coveralls

Even if your technician already has a pair of coveralls, he can always use another pair. First, they protect clothing from rips and tears while keeping them clean. Second, the best coveralls for diesel techs have plenty of pockets for stashing small tools.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone enjoys a little background music to lighten their day. Since wireless bluetooth speakers can be paired with a smartphone or tablet they make it easy to stream a fun soundtrack for work.

9. Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a requirement for working in a diesel shop, but they can look fun and funky in addition to being functional. A quality pair of safety glasses with style offers protection while also looking great.

10. Digital Multimeter

Multimeters have improved over the years. As a result, even mid-range multimeters can perform other tests in addition to testing battery function. What’s more, the digital screen is accurate, bright, and easy to read.

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