Apr 13, 2021

Where Did You Hear That? Our Quick Guide to Industry News

Where Did You Hear That? Our Quick Guide to Industry News

Believe it or not, we don’t know everything.


Yes, friends, even the Fullbay crew has to hear the news somewhere. But in the twenty-first century, “the news” isn’t just a paper or magazine. You can get information everywhere, from YouTube channels to podcasts to blogs like ours. And yes, there’s digital versions of just about every newspaper and magazine out there, too.

The short version of the story is that we obtain our industry know-how from a lot of places and decided we might as well start putting a list together. This compilation is in no way exhaustive; in fact, it’s just the tip of the resource iceberg. This list is for everyone, from the curious would-be apprentice to the grizzled industry veteran who wants to add some additional reading, listening, or viewing to their plate. Go ahead and dig in!


Freight Waves

There’s a lot of ways to ship your freight—sure, we zero in on the trucking industry, but Freight Waves also covers maritime, air, and rail. In other words, it’s the complete package when it comes to news about the supply chain.


A hub for information about all things trucking, from current laws being debated to fleet management, new technology, and safety for vehicles and drivers.

Transport Topics

From breaking news to long-term coverage on the coronavirus and its impact on the industry, Transport Topics covers just about everything related to freight.

Trucks, Parts, Service

“TPS” is one of those news sites with a little bit of everything: sections devoted to maintenance and technology, as well as alternative power and trends that impact the industry. You can easily spend a morning browsing!

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is all about boosting vehicle uptime. That means they write a lot about maintenance and best practices and how shops can optimize their productivity. In short, we really, really like them.


American Trucking Associations Blog

The ATA blog rounds up information that has a direct impact on the country’s truck drivers (and those associated with them). Stop by for driver compensation studies, infrastructure discussions, and other news and insights.

The Heavy-Duty Parts Report

This blog lives up to its name with a strong focus on parts, but you can also drop by for information and opinions on tools, trucks and trailers, and even industry reports. The posting schedule varies, but it’s informative reading for anyone in the industry.



The wickedly funny podcast from FreightWaves features Dooner and The Dude (not that Dude…another The Dude) as they chat with truckers, execs, influencers, and others from all over the industry.

Beyond the Wrench

Our friends at Find A Wrench have a pretty awesome podcast dedicated to all things diesel repair. How can the industry better deal with the technician shortage? What changes do shops need to make to keep up with shifts in technology? Find out as Jay Goninen chats with owners, techs, and other industry experts.

Road Signs

The Road Signs podcast is produced by the crew over at Transport Topics. This biweekly podcast goes deep into the changing trucking industry, featuring thoughtful discussions about trucking software, diversity issues, and training.

Overdrive Radio

If you’re a reader of Overdrive Magazine (or even if you aren’t!), check out their podcast. They offer up a good mix of news and information combined with fun stuff like trucking music (crank up your speakers!) and commentary.

Blue Ribbon Podcast

Owner-operators and those who work with or employ owner-operators will like this podcast, which aims to help independent drivers. From contracting questions to picking out trucks and understanding fuel taxes, this podcast has something for every self-employed driver.

Diesel Stories

C’mon, you didn’t think we wouldn’t plug our own podcast, right? Diesel Stories is new, but we think it’s pretty good. Join us as we chat with people in the industry!


Truck Boss

A cool (and often wildly entertaining) video news show directed at drivers themselves! What new legislation might impact owner-operators? What gear does your cab need? What’s married life like on the road? All these questions and more are answered!

Smart Trucking

This channel is geared toward truckers and helping them navigate the industry, whether they’re old hands or greenhorns. Some of the topics they cover include the importance of confidence in a driver, who would win in a Kenworth/Peterbilt showdown, and how to make roadside repairs.


The YouTube arm of the ATA has all kinds of goodies for its viewers. Check out clips from conferences and gatherings, as well as news about industry-related legislation and snippets of industry life.

Fleet Equipment

Fleet Equipment Mag has its own YouTube channel, too, where it presents industry news and the kind of information equipment managers need to make informed choices. Ever wonder how new technologies will impact trucking? This channel is a good place to start.


Like we mentioned up top, this is just the beginning. We know there’s a lot of awesome news sources out there that we haven’t added.

What are your favorites? Let us know on social media and we’ll add them to the list!

Suz Baldwin