Dec 10, 2022

4 Cool Reasons Your Shop Needs Embedded Fleet Payments

4 Cool Reasons Your Shop Needs Embedded Fleet Payments

It’s no secret that fleet managers love their fleet cards.

While they started as a way to help fleets save on fuel expenses, these days, fleet cards can offer a variety of benefits, including savings on repairs.

It makes sense that quickly and easily accepting fleet cards can be a massive advantage for any repair shop—including yours.

Want to know more? Read on for four reasons why embedded fleet payments are right for your repair shop.

1. Attract More Business

Even today, fleet cards might still be most widely known for helping fleets cut down on gas and diesel costs. Of course, the benefits associated with these cards don’t stop there.

Though fleet card perks vary from one brand to another, many cards offer benefits like:

  • Towing and roadside assistance
  • Discounts on repairs and other services
  • Information on nearby gas stations
  • Tax/fuel reporting
  • Mileage/MPG info
  • Loyalty programs and more opportunities to save

Simply put, large and small fleets alike have all the reason in the world to prioritize repair shops that accept their fleet cards. By doing so, they’ll maximize their own benefits. Even if you offer lower prices than your competitors, that alone may not outweigh the perks associated with choosing a shop that provides embedded payments.

2. Improve Your Customer Experience

In the modern era, customer experience in just about any industry is more essential than ever before. Naturally, that includes heavy-duty maintenance in general and fleet management specifically.

Trust us on this one: putting extra effort into your customer experience management strategy will pay off.

One easy way to keep your customers happy is to let them pay the way they want to—within reason, of course. You don’t need to resort to the barter system and accept payment in coconuts, but you should be equipped to take all the most common payment methods in the fleet maintenance world:

  • Credit cards
  • ACH
  • Fleet cards
  • Fleet checks

Providing embedded fleet payments is a great way to keep your shop’s existing customers happy while attracting new clients. By doing so, you may even increase your chances of getting positive reviews!

3. Get Paid Faster

You need to get paid for the services you provide.

Fortunately, some customers make a point of paying their bills ASAP. But as any business owner or manager knows, some customers are definitely not all customers.

Believe it or not, late payments aren’t always the result of client negligence. The real culprit behind your invoicing woes may be payment system issues. People don’t like grappling with inconvenient and outdated payment systems, and they might be putting off their bills until the last minute as a result.

On the flip side, offering simple ways to pay will make your customers more likely to get their bills taken care of right away. Embedded fleet payments are a big part of this, so consider adding this capability to your shop if you don’t already offer it!

4. Save Time—A Lot of It

We saved the best for last.

If you grudgingly accept these payment methods the old-fashioned way, you know it’s a big hassle. Extra time on the phone, extra management, extra paperwork—just a lot of extra work in general.

Embedded fleet payments make everything fast, digital, and painless. With a system like Fullbay Payments, it’s incredibly easy to accept, authorize, and verify fleet cards and fleet checks faster than ever.

Handle Invoices With Ease

Is your shop still stuck with a pen-and-paper invoicing system, or are you using a digital invoicing program that doesn’t meet your needs? Either way, it’s time for a change. When your shop switches to Fullbay, you’ll be able to:

  • Send invoices to customers wherever they are via text and email
  • Manage invoices on the go through our cloud-based platform
  • Accept the most popular payment methods in the industry

Fullbay has already built a strong reputation for our invoicing services, but we’ve recently taken things to the next level. As of late 2022, we’ve partnered with industry-leading digital financial platform RoadSync to upgrade Fullbay Payments to accept embedded fleet payments.

Schedule a demo today for more info on embedded payments and everything else Fullbay can do for your repair shop!

Emilie Vecera