Mar 25, 2019

Heavy Duty Oil Drain Plug

Heavy Duty Oil Drain Plug

Customers benefit from preventive maintenance, and performing PM services like oil changes is an effective way to beef up profits. They’re routine procedures that most techs can practically do in their sleep. Still, shop owners and managers are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to streamline every process possible. That’s where the heavy-duty oil drain plug comes in. It’s a seemingly simple little piece of hardware that makes a routine task like dropping oil quicker and easier. What’s more, using heavy-duty oil drain plugs also prevents spills when doing oil changes, an environmentally friendly element everyone appreciates.

What is a Heavy Duty Oil Drain Plug?

A heavy-duty oil drain plug is a piece of hardware that is designed to replace normal oil pan drain plugs. Top quality ones, such as Femco’s XL drain plugs, are made of solid brass and feature stainless steel springs in the mechanism. Using those durable materials ensures a long life for the drain plug. Plus, it means you can even drain oil when it’s hot. A heavy-duty oil drain plug is simple to install, too. Just remove the standard plug from the pan and let the oil drain out. Then screw in the heavy-duty oil drain plug. You’ll need to use a wrench to get the correct torque so the new plug seals to the pan properly. However, once it’s secure, you’re done.

How Drain Plugs Work

Every oil change your tech does on a truck that has a heavy-duty oil drain plug will be faster and much cleaner. The plug has a spring-activated mechanism that keeps the oil pan plugged even after you unscrew the cap. It works when you attach a drain line with a special coupler and twist it to lock it in place and open the drain. The old oil drains out of the pan, flowing through the line into a container placed under the free end of the drain hose. Because the plug and the drainer fit together with a tight seal and the oil passes through a hose, it’s pretty much the cleanest way to do an oil change you’ll ever experience.

Oil Drain Plugs Increase Efficiency

In a heavy duty repair shop, efficiency is the name of the game. It’s obvious how specialty oil plugs can help streamline the oil change process. But imagine how much more efficient techs can be if they install a heavy-duty oil drain plug on every truck they service regularly. If your techs are tracking PMs for customers, that’s great. It’s a practice that brings steady business into your shop while providing a vital service to small fleets that goes beyond saving them money. However, by installing heavy-duty oil drain plugs in all those trucks you track, your techs can blow through oil changes in record time. That means more billable hours for techs and significantly decreased downtime for your customers. Those elements coupled with the environmental factor makes heavy duty drain plugs a winning combination all around.