May 18, 2022

13 Ways Fullbay Can Supercharge Your Shop

13 Ways Fullbay Can Supercharge Your Shop

The Fullbay crew is all about helping you run a more efficient and profitable commercial repair shop. Heck, we built an entire app around it! But we’ve also written a lot—like a lot—of blog posts to show you how to put the app to work for you.

Around the office, we refer to these as “Shameless Posts,” because hey, we’re just boasting, right? Fullbay can do this, Fullbay can do that, yadda yadda yadda. But all that boasting is actually about benefits—things that make your shop easier and more profitable to run. Seriously! There’s a method to our shamelessness.

So, instead of spending the day staring glumly at fuel prices (I mean, dude), we decided to gather up some of our best “Fullbay Way” posts and put them all in one place. Some of these might be old news to you, but some might offer up new and exciting ways to boost efficiency and productivity.

How can Fullbay supercharge your shop? Let us count the ways…


First, let’s get a better understanding of just HOW Fullbay can make your shop more efficient. Here’s a spectacular rundown of the way the app works. As a bonus, you can take a look at how much you might be spending on paper (and conversely, how much you might save if you go paperless with Fullbay).

Next, we’ll take a look at who in your shop should be using Fullbay—and who shouldn’t (sorry, Rover, paws off until Fullbay Pets comes along).

Of course, this wouldn’t be a shameless supercharging post if we didn’t talk about how Fullbay can help you manage your parts—particularly important during this time of shortage.

Last, we’ll show you how to build incredible service orders that lay out exactly what work a unit needs and who’s going to handle it.


There’s nothing better than a happy customer. They’re likely to talk you up to colleagues and friends, and think of you when they need some work done. Fullbay is all about keeping customers happy.

Customers don’t want to spend all day playing phone tag, either. Why not text them when they need to authorize a repair, or when a job is done? Yes, friends, we’ve got text message updates.

Want to really dazzle your customers? Let them know you can patch into their telematics software, if they have it, so you can build more accurate maintenance estimates based on real-time data!

Everyone’s feeling the parts shortage. Ever wish you had another way to source parts when your regular vendors come up empty? Yeah, we’ve got that, too. Head to Fullbay Marketplace to see where else you can buy that part you need! It’s a win-win situation: you’ll have parts in hand faster, and your customers will be psyched because their vehicles will be back on the road that much faster.


Let’s face it: money is always a big deal. Specifically, how much revenue your shop is already bringing in. Running these five reports can tell you a lot about your financial health!

How do you make sure your customers pay you? If you said, “Through interpretive dance,” then you’ve got some work ahead of you. Fullbay makes invoicing easy—like, really freaking easy, so you never have to dread it again.

Our Fullbay Connect integration is a shop favorite, and not just because it adds payment options like Interstate Billing Service. It also links you to FleetNet America to receive emergency breakdown calls. Get that emergency repair $$$!

Finally, yes, emergency repair money is awesome, but so is preventive maintenance! Here’s how Fullbay helps you track PMs for your customers—and why PM work should be a cornerstone of your business.

And did you know we handle marketing now, too? Our epic team-up with Dieselmatic means your commercial repair shop can benefit from marketing by people who know exactly what you do and how to reach the customers you want. You can just kick back and focus on running your shop—let Dieselmatic take care of the rest!

Whew! We know we’ve just thrown a lot of resources at you. There’s no need to implement every single suggestion all at once; instead, work your way through them as you can, and keep the tips and tweaks that work for you. And remember, if you’re not a Fullbay customer yet, you can always schedule a free demonstration…we promise it’s worth your time.

Suz Baldwin