Aug 10, 2021

Going to Market: Fullbay’s New Feature Makes Buying Parts Easy

Going to Market: Fullbay’s New Feature Makes Buying Parts Easy

Do you ever wish it was easier to purchase parts?

Sure you do. We’ve all wished that from time to time.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to the Fullbay Marketplace, a new feature that will make it a snap to purchase parts from your favorite vendor. When you start using it regularly, you’ll see better parts margins, easier vendor communication, and happier parts managers.

Oh, and most important of all, you’ll see happier customers!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The Marketplace has the power to make your life – and the life of your parts manager – much easier.

So let’s chat about the Fullbay Marketplace and how it’s going to change up your parts department.

What does the Fullbay Marketplace do?

Fullbay Marketplace connects you with vendors all over the country, allowing you to purchase the parts and tools you need right in the Fullbay app.

Wait, I can shop for parts through Fullbay?

Yes, you can! Fullbay gathers information from vendors and displays it for you, so that while you’re browsing for parts, you can compare things like:

  • Pricing: How much a part costs in real-time across several vendors.
  • Ship dates: The vendor will get the part in the mail by this date.
  • Vendor inventory: How many of any particular part does a vendor have in stock? Should you get more than one and stock up?
  • Exclusive discounts: Fullbay members receive markdowns from vendors like FinditParts, and others – and we’ll CONSTANTLY be expanding, adding new partners and vendors to the Marketplace over time!

The Marketplace allows you to choose the part (or parts!) you want at the right price. When you decide what parts you want to buy, you can purchase them right through the app and know a vendor will ship them to you by a certain date.

How will the Fullbay Marketplace benefit my shop?

We’re all about making your shop more efficient and giving you back the hours you might otherwise spend on additional steps.

Here, however, are four specific areas where you’ll see immediate improvement:

  • Repair lag time. Unless you’ve got a part in stock already, you’re always going to have to place an order for one and wait for it to arrive. That often means your parts manager is calling around, trying to find out who’s got what in stock and how soon they can get it to you – not to mention trying to sort out pricing! When you order a part through the Fullbay Marketplace, you have all the data you would usually have to obtain on the phone or through email. Over time, this can add up to hours that your parts manager no longer has to spend making calls or searching for information. And if you are already leveraging an integrated vendor, such as FinditParts, now you can do so within Fullbay instead of having two separate applications open. No more switching between programs!
  • Better parts margins. Your parts manager will be able to see at a glance how much parts cost from multiple vendors, and choose the part that makes the most financial sense.
  • Faster turnaround. You’ll have multiple options for ship dates, and can pick the one that suits you and your customer.
  • Happier customers. If you’re spending less money on parts, odds are you’re charging less for them, too. Combine that with getting a repair done on time or ahead of schedule, and your customers will be pretty pleased with you.

How much does the Fullbay Marketplace cost?

Nothing. The Fullbay Marketplace is included with your Fullbay subscription.

Wait, what?

It’s free! If you’re a Fullbay customer, you already have access to the Marketplace. Go to the integrations page and check it out!

And if you haven’t given Fullbay a try yet, then now is the perfect time to get in touch with us and give our free demo a whirl. We’re looking forward to making your life easier!

Suz Baldwin