Feb 05, 2021

Heavy-Duty World: 6 Cool Repair-Centric YouTube Channels to Check Out

Heavy-Duty World: 6 Cool Repair-Centric YouTube Channels to Check Out

At the beginning of the year, we ran a fun blog dedicated to (or based around) trucking shows. While we were nosing around the internet in search of good shows, we came across a pretty cool section of YouTube. It turns out there are a lot of channels out there dedicated to heavy-duty equipment repair, whether it’s trucks, tractors, or some other Class 8 behemoth.

We spent some time exploring these channels and have rounded a few of them up for you here. Check these guys out and enjoy!

Newman Tractor

Newman Tractor sells and rents heavy equipment, and their YouTube channel is a mix of repair, training, and just plain cool stuff. Most videos run less than 10 minutes and they’ve all got high production values. You can learn how to repair your cracked bumper or attend the “world’s largest heavy equipment auction!” with them, or just kick back and enjoy the interactions between the crew. We recommend Painting an Aluminum Trailer (it’s funny and for a great cause!).

TAT Express Inc.

Located in Texas, TAT Express Inc is dedicated to keeping semi trucks running safely. The owner, Adam, is a frequent fixture in their videos, which focus on repair, maintenance, and a bit of the truck driving lifestyle. Like Newman’s videos, most of their offerings are short and to the point. Their repair videos are great – look at DD15 Engine Locked Up – while some are in Q&A format (check out Winterizing Your Semi and The Future of Trucking).


The Humble Mechanic isn’t a heavy-duty channel, but we like him so much we had to add him. He’s a VW specialist, and his channel features everything from DIY videos to some super interesting stuff about the life of a mechanic, which certainly shares some similarities with heavy-duty techs. He addresses How to Overcome Misdiagnosing a Car Problem and How to Manage Money as a Flat Rate Mechanic.

Road-Field-Home with Ryan & Sophia

They aren’t an official repair shop, but they do have a small farm and are a truck owner-operator – and that means we see trucks and other heavy equipment. Check out Fan Belt & Tensioner Change Out (Step by Step) and Removal and Installation of Heavy Truck Driveshaft U-Joints. And if you’re into tractors, you’re in luck: they just picked up three new ones!

Truck Yoo

Truck Yoo is short for “Trucks You Own & Operate.” It’s geared toward fleet owners, owner-operators, and drivers, and it’s got some great repair videos, too. Is Volvo D13 idler gear repair expensive or not? And what kind of semis do the guys have in the shop during peak season? They’ve even got an episode devoted to trucking lingo!

Watch Wes Work

Wes works on all kinds of vehicles, from an Oliver OC46 Crawler that’s been sitting in a barn for 10 years to a John Deere 2940 that needs a head gasket replaced. His channel also features his adventures with ATV repair and an effort to get an Insley Dragline Crane running after it was left alone in a field for two decades. His videos are humorous and the production work is great – grab a snack before settling in to watch!

YouTube is a huge place, and we probably haven’t even begun to scratch at the surface of its heavy-duty repair corner. What are some of your favorite diesel-based channels? Share them with us on social media – we’d love to do a second roundup!

Suz Baldwin