Dec 18, 2018

Optimize Productivity by Reducing Distractions

Optimize Productivity by Reducing Distractions

As far as business principles go, focus is at the top of the list. It’s what makes the difference between a successful shop and one that merely gets by. Your shop needs your laser-sharp focus every moment of every day, but unfortunately, life—and business—is full of distractions. Some, like email, texts, and social media, are time-eating tangents that don’t often benefit your business. Others are legitimate tasks that are part of doing business, but even those can fragment your time when not dealt with in an organized manner. Reducing distractions is the best way to put top business principles into action, and heavy duty repair shop software is the tool you need to do it.

7 Key Areas That Need Your Focus

Experts pare down the clutter of issues that businesses deal with to seven key areas:

  • customers
  • money
  • resources
  • people
  • priorities
  • processes
  • solutions

These are the bare minimum that needs your attention every day. Each connects to the others and, in turn, your business relies on all of them. They’re like individual building blocks in a foundation—if any of them are weak or missing, the building won’t stand.

You’ll notice that’s a lot of areas to divide your focus on every day. Reducing distractions is the only way you’ll be able to spend quality time on the issues that need your attention. Starting with a few strong blocks leads to gathering more and soon all seven areas will be strong, giving you a durable foundation.

Reducing Distractions Sharpens Focus

Focusing on what you want for your business is like creating a path so other business principles can fall into place. When you focus on vital key issues, you’ll become a better problem solver and you’ll look forward to setting the next goal and reaching it. Reducing distractions opens up the door to all of that, and it’s practically magic. It’s amazing the “extra” time available when you’re not overwhelmed with dead-end tasks. Then you can start placing your focus on where it needs to be, allotting more than enough time to each of the seven key areas of your business.

Putting Business Principles Into Action With Heavy Duty Repair Shop Software

Understanding the value of reducing distractions is only half the battle. Maybe you’ve tried putting business principles like that into action before, but a million “quick” interruptions continually disrupt your day. Soon, your focus shatters and you’re back to square one. There’s a better way than willpower for reducing distractions and it’s surprisingly simple.

Heavy duty repair shop software like Fullbay takes on the job of doing many of the time-consuming tasks you’ve been manually taking care of. Plus, it organizes everything. That means accomplishing more each day. Fullbay addresses the seven key areas of your business to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Maintenance and repair issues are automated, and parts, inventory, and orders happen with the click of a button. The software makes building estimates effortless, and it turns those estimates into invoices when the work is done. It works with apps and software you already use. On top of that, this heavy duty repair software has a customer portal, so your customers can submit repair requests, keep track of maintenance on their vehicles, and pay invoices on the spot.

Best of all, Fullbay lives in the Cloud, so you can access it on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. You’ll no longer be tied to your shop 24/7, but you can still keep an eye on it around the clock—and all with fewer distractions. Working smarter instead of harder is the underlying idea behind all good business principals including reducing distractions. Fullbay heavy duty repair shop software is the tool that makes it all happen.