Jan 31, 2014

Heavy Duty Truck Repair on an iPad

Heavy Duty Truck Repair on an iPad

What use does a heavy duty truck repair shop have for an iPad? Most software out there is client server based, living on PCs and kiosk terminals that are hard-wired to the shop. How would a tablet like an iPad or an Android device help?

The Limits of Installed Software

Well, if you are using client-server software, the short answer is: it won’t. Your client server software is not in the cloud, meaning a regular iPad or Android tablet can’t connect to it unless you do undertake some painstaking technical gymnastics that are highly unstable in practice.

No big deal, right? Just drop the idea altogether–your techs don’t mind walking to the kiosk, or writing repair notes on paper to be keyed in later by someone else.

Benefits of Truck Repair on an iPad

Well, it turns out it is a big deal. In this day and age, your competitors WILL be using tablets, and the benefits they bring could spell a major competitive disadvantage for you.

Tablets can go where PCs and kiosks can’t. They are basically a high-tech clipboard–highly portable, but able to connect to the internet in the shop or on the road.

They speed up tasks such as repair notes and data entry. And once the information is entered, it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Software that documents heavy duty truck repair on an iPad isn’t something off in the future–it’s here now.

See Fullbay in action and you’ll immediately understand the possibilities of documenting your truck repair on an iPad.

Jacob Findlay