Feb 14, 2014

Web Based Repair Software

Web Based Repair Software

What is the difference between web based repair software and client server repair software? For years, heavy duty and light duty shops have relied on software  to make their operations more efficient. But this software was typically installed directly on the shop’s desktop computers, or was hosted on an expensive server in a closet. (Not only are servers expense to purchase, they cost a fortune to maintain.)

Client Server vs Web Based Repair Software

If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’re spending so much money on expensive computer equipment, you’re probably running a client server system.

Client Server

Client server systems represent a significant obstacle to shops looking to come into the 21st century. To use the software, you have to be IN the shop. Or you have to setup yet another expensive feature–a VPN. You can’t access the software on a tablet, at least not very easily, and if you’re out of the shop then forget it.

Web Based Repair Software

There is a better way. By ditching your client server software and instead using web based repair software, you free yourself to do things you currently only dream of. Access your data anywhere. No more emergency calls to the IT guy to fix the server. No more server upgrades. Use an iPad or Android tablet to document your repairs. Call up the software from anywhere–no VPN needed. That’s right, you can even call it up from the beach or your family cabin.

Document your complaint, cause, and correction in a place that can be called up anywhere–even on an iPad.


Web based repair software–also known as cloud-based repair software–represents a huge competitive advantage for heavy duty shops. Once you’re on the web, the potential benefits just explode. Request a demo and we’ll show you how moving to web based repair software will make your life easier.

Jacob Findlay