Aug 08, 2018

Why Free Software is Expensive

Why Free Software is Expensive

When running a business, everything from office supplies to utilities to employee wages eats away at the bottom line. Smart shop managers look for the least expensive ways to do business. However, some things look like a bargain on the surface, but don’t save you money in the long run. Take free software, for example. Heavy duty repair software that streamlines your operations and makes day-to-day business easier allows you to do more in less time. That translates to increased profits. You might think that a free version of the program will get your bottom line further into the black faster. Then again, free software isn’t always really free and could wind up costing you more than you bargained for in the end.

Free Software Limitations

Free software tends to be a one-size-fits-all product. That might be OK for an individual who downloads it for personal use, but programs like that aren’t useful for businesses. When you run a shop, you need heavy duty repair software with certain features. Ones that help you schedule techs, manage job requests, order parts, stay on top of stock, and create invoices. Going with free software, you may not get all of those features. Alternatively, you may end up juggling what you do get with a load of ones you don’t need.

Then there’s the issue of tech support. Free software doesn’t provide the timely technical assistance businesses need. Typically, users post problems and questions in online communities, and developers and other users post answers. When you experience a problem, you’ll have to wade through numerous forum threads to try to find a solution, if there is one. Sometimes questions get a quick response. Other times it can be weeks, months, even years before an answer to your particular problem gets posted.

What’s more, many free programs come through Shareware or Adware. That means on top of limited functionality and tech support, the software window will share space with unsolicited ads. Add up the time spent looking at ads, attempting to find answers to problems without tech support, weeding through features, or trying to make insufficient ones work. That will give you an idea of what free software really costs.

Do You Really Need Free Software?

Most shop managers and owners are not software developers. They may know what features they’d like to see in heavy duty repair software, but they wouldn’t know how to sit down at a computer and write the program. That’s perfectly OK. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you do best and letting others do what they do best. However, being a programmer is really where the benefits of free software come in, not in getting software for free.

When you download software, if it truly is a free program, you’ll get access to the software code. That will allow you to study how the program works and modify it to your specific needs or improve it in general. When you run a shop or manage a fleet, though, you want to spend your time running your business. You don’t want to spend it on fine-tuning a computer program that should already be providing features that makes your job easier.

Heavy Duty Repair Software That’s Better Than Free

If you’ve tried running your shop with free software, you’ll come to the point that it’s no longer worth it to make do. When you decide to buy software, though, you want to find one that offers everything your shop needs.

Fullbay is the heavy duty repair software that checks all the boxes on your wish list. It keeps track of parts, orders, and jobs. It lets you manage your techs better, so you can schedule them according to their expertise and strengths, making a more efficient shop. Additionally, it works with other programs and apps you already use, so it fits in seamlessly with your business. Plus, Fullbay lives in the Cloud. That gives you access to your shop and all its data from anywhere. Plus it also allows your customers to connect to you through their own portal, giving them the ability to request repairs and pay invoices. If you’ve been looking for heavy duty repair software that’s better than free, you’ve found it at Fullbay.