Got Gear? Cool Gifts for the Diesel Mechanic in Your Life

Updated December 2022

The holidays are here, and you know what that means: It’s time to eat, drink, and spend hours agonizing over what presents to get for your friends and family.

You don’t agonize? Maybe that’s just us.


CAPTION: Above, an accurate depiction of the marketing team (or maybe just Suz) trying to find presents for people we like or at least don’t want to actively repulse.

But if you are running into a wall about what to get for the diesel-loving individual in your life, this post is for you.

Granted, it’s possible the longtime mechanic in your life already has everything they need. But we scoured the far corners of the internet (and bugged some of our colleagues on Slack!) to put together a list of goodies that almost any diesel mechanic will appreciate.


Steel-toed boots

If your tech is going to be kicking tires (or doing anything around heavy machinery), protect their toes with these.

Hoodie for cold mornings

No one likes opening up the shop when it’s cold and frosty out. A cozy sweatshirt won’t make the sun come up any faster, but it will make going out into the chill more bearable.

Safety glasses

Robot eyes aren’t quite available for the masses yet, so help your tech protect the ones they’ve got.


Even if your technician already has a pair of coveralls, they can always use another pair. First, they protect clothing from rips and tears while keeping them clean. Second, the best coveralls for diesel techs have plenty of pockets for stashing small tools…and snacks.


Mechanics go through gloves like nobody’s business. Pick out a few pairs—we also like these!—and keep their hands happy.


Life isn’t complete without a cool hat! We like this one; not only does it declare what a tech does, it also protects them from the sun if they’re a mobile tech working on the side of the road. Win-win!

Diesel wizard shirt

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re really into wizards. And since diesel techs are kind of like wizards, well, you should get the one in your life this shirt!


Tablet/phone tough case

We recommended this as a gift last year and we stand by its worth. Shops are death traps for phones and tablets; around every corner are new and horrible ways to destroy these expensive devices. Get them a tough case and give them a fighting chance.

Digital multimeter

Multimeters have come a long way—even the mid-range versions can perform a variety of tests. Everyone should have one of these.

Charging station

More and more often, your techs are using tablets and phones to help them with their diagnoses. That kind of stuff can run down a battery. Get a couple of these charging docks and make sure everyone’s always at 100 percent.


Every mechanic needs a multitool. You can probably even get one for the non-mechanics in your life, who will look at you in confusion.

Tool kit

Be warned, these can get expensive. You might want to ask the mechanic in your life what exactly they want. Or, y’know, we hear Snap-on gift cards are nice.

Magnetic wristband for tools

Here’s a cool one! This wristband holds on to small screws, nuts, and similar parts instead of requiring you to bring along a bowl or envelope or force your empty coffee mug into additional service.

Bluetooth speakers or earbuds

Maybe your tech wants to listen to some tunes while making their repairs. Or maybe they’ve got a favorite podcast that plays in the background as they work on that turbo. Bluetooth speakers and earbuds let your tech dazzle their auditory senses without risking the usual tangle of wires that comes with them.

Portable jump starter and power pack

This thing will fire up whatever your tech is trying to start. People in the reviews use it to start RVs, tractors, ATVs, and more.

Jumper cables

Even if you don’t invest in the powerhouse above, it’s always nice to have a set of jumper cables on hand!

Bright lights

Flashlight: It’s small enough to fit into confined mechanical spaces and bright enough to blind a zombie. What more do you need?

Floodlight: The magnetic base lets you stick it on frame rails, and it’s even rechargeable.

Headlamp: Rechargeable, waterproof, and perfect for those times when you need to poke around.

Infrared thermometer

For use with an engine OR your pizza oven. Why can’t all tools have such versatility?!

A creeper seat…with a cupholder

The seasoned mechanic in your life might like this, too, especially if their own creeper is showing some wear. It even comes with a cup holder for that tenth serving of coffee.

Bonus: Creeper races around the shop are probably hilarious.

A regular creeper

For those times when the creeper with a cupholder won’t fit under a truck.

Bonus x2: You can also do this.


Fender protector

Good for protecting fenders while you’re leaning over them—or putting some layers between you and a hot piece of machinery.


Yeah, yeah, diesel is important, but we all know the real fuel in a shop is a good cup of joe. For variety, look into coffee subscriptions that send new blends on a monthly or quarterly basis. You can also explore local roasters. And, of course, our writer has a personalized recommendation in Cafe Moto (also known as “morning rocket fuel”—try the Moto Brew!).

Just plain cool

Mechanic’s wage placard

We’re not saying you should put this where your customers can see it…but we’re also not saying you shouldn’t.

Personalized garage sign

You don’t need your own shop to have a badass sign declaring your excellence. Heck, I want one of these.

Diesel wet wipes

If you’re working in a repair shop, odds are you spend a good portion of your time covered in or at least smelling like diesel, grease, or other transmission fluid. These wipes will help cut through that.

A themed tumbler

Yes, we’re one of those blogs that isn’t above gifts that say, “Hey! I’m a mechanic!” There are tools all over this tumbler, which can keep your coffee hot or your water cold!

Hand care kit

Contrary to popular belief, diesel does not double as a moisturizer, and mechanic hands are often in shabby shape. Put together a diesel technician’s hand care kit including a salt scrub, nail brush, and ultra-hydrating cream.

Car detailing

Even if your mechanic scrubs off the grease every hour on the hour, some remnant of shop life is going to seep into their car when they drive home at the end of the day. A nice detailing service will clean that right up. Find a spot near you, or ask someone for a recommendation.


If you really want to make your mechanic smile, refer someone to them! Or leave a great review on one of the big websites.

Diesel-scented candle

Not everyone wants their house to smell like their shop. But if you do, well, here you go.

Video games

Does your tech also like gaming? We haven’t found a Diesel Truck Repair Simulator (yet), but Steam has all kinds of truck-themed games. Loved Ice Road Truckers? Snow Runner might be a good choice. Curious about the diesel across the pond? Euro Truck Simulator II could be for you! And Monster Truck Championship just looks like a good time.

A book for the kiddos

Want to introduce the kiddos to the diesel world? Let them accompany Dan and his fellow techs as they repair various vehicles and put them back to work! Truck Tales: Dan the Technician is Fullbay’s first children’s book, and comes with beautiful illustrations that will keep the kiddos enchanted.

The gift of Fullbay

Yes, we’re plugging ourselves. Install Fullbay and help make everyone’s life easier in 2023!

Now, this list isn’t exhaustive (although it may be exhausting), so we’ll go ahead and tell you there’s plenty of other gifts you can find for the hardworking tech. If you can think of something else to get the mechanic in your life—or anyone else who works in a shop—let us know!

Suz Baldwin