Mar 22, 2024

Fullbay Payments: The Integration, The Myth, The Legend

Fullbay Payments: The Integration, The Myth, The Legend

It is a truth universally acknowledged that repair shops need money.

Ah, we can hear the sarcasm now: Really, Fullbay? I also hear fire is hot! Got any other truth bombs for us?

Snark all you want, friends. We needed an introduction to this article, and that’s what we came up with. And as obvious as it may seem, it’s also true. Repair shops need money to operate. That means you need to collect payment for services rendered rather than just letting people sashay out of your shop without settling up.

Late or even unpaid invoices are an all-too-common fact of life for many a repair shop. You’ve got people coming and going all the time—maybe you’re not handing over invoices or requesting payment right away. Maybe you spend weeks or months sitting on said invoices. Maybe your customers then spend weeks or months sitting on them. Either way, you don’t have the cash flow you need and without money, you can’t…well…you can’t do a whole lot.

Cool, Fullbay, you’re saying. So water is wet, too.

Okay, those of you actually reading this article and not just snarking at it have probably deduced that we’re about to talk about how Fullbay can help you get paid quickly (and thus have money to spend on your shop, your employees, and as many pirate hats as you can wear).

That’s right, folks. We’re here to talk about Fullbay Payments.


Fullbay Payments is one of our favorite integration options. It’s free with your Fullbay subscription, and once you turn it on, man, the world is your payment oyster.

Fullbay Payments allows you to receive the following payment options:

  • Credit cards. No need for a separate credit card processor—take that payment right from within Fullbay.
  • ACH. Automated Clearing House (better known as ACH) payments are basically account-to-account transfers. Fullbay Payments helps verify the funds available in a customer’s account before you accept payment, reducing the threat of chargebacks.
  • Fleet cards/checks. These are both payment methods truck drivers may have on hand to ensure they can pay for necessary repairs or maintenance.


Here’s a truth bomb for you: If you’re already using Fullbay Payments, then you already know all the stuff we just wrote about. But here’s a piece of information that will surprise even the battle-hardened Fullbay veterans among you:

You can now get next-day credit card and ACH payments.

Yes. Previously, ACH and credit card payments often had a three- to seven-day delay before finally hitting your shop’s coffers. It bummed you out. It bummed us out, too. Now your customer pays up and voila! The cash is in your account the next business day.

Pretty wild, we know.

Between the next-day payments and all the time you’ll save in general scrounging invoices together and chasing down payments, you’re looking at money and time saved. The first one is ultra-important, but the last one—well, that’s irreplaceable.


If you’re a Fullbay subscriber, all you have to do is hop over to the “Integrations” page of your account and enable Fullbay Payments. You’ll then complete a couple easy steps to hook up your account. And then BAM! Time and money back where they belong (with you).

And hey! If you’re not part of the Fullbay party yet, now’s a great time to try our free demo and see what all the fuss is about.

Suz Baldwin