How to Survive the Parts Shortage

Parts! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. But in 2021, many shops do have to live without parts — or parts are taking longer to arrive in their bays.

The parts shortage is a new challenge for shops to navigate. The good news is that armed with the right tools and knowledge, a shop can not only find the parts they need, but potentially save money, too!

Get ready to join Jacob Findlay, Fullbay Co-Founder & CEO, Chris O’Brien, Fullbay COO, and special guest, David Seewack, CEO & Founder of FinditParts, as they discuss:

  • What caused the parts shortage and how is it impacting the industry
  • What types of parts are most affected by the shortage
  • When the parts shortage is (likely) to be fixed
  • Actionable strategies your shop or fleet can take today find the parts you need
  • And more!