Top Fullbay Blog Posts of 2020

It’s a little-known law that each new year must be accompanied by a “Top 10” list celebrating some elements of the prior year. We’re excited to kick off 2021, so we went back through our posts and selected the 10 most-visited articles written or updated in 2020.

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Let’s go!

  1. Making Sense of Truck Classification
    Yes, we’re all aware of the truck classifications, but sometimes it helps to have a visual representation.
  3. Truckers and AB5
    In an effort to protect workers, California basically made independent contracting illegal, which had a terrible impact on truck owner-operators. A federal judge eventually halted the portion that applied to truckers, and the state itself continues to make changes to it.
  5. How to Set Your Diesel Repair Labor Rate
    How do you set the rates for your shop? We put together a guide to help new owners figure out what they should charge.
  7. The Good, The Bad, and the DOT Inspection
    What is a DOT inspection? Can you perform your own? Can you charge to perform it for others? How does Fullbay help? We answered all these questions and more in this post.
  9. Your 2020 Guide to the Best Gifts for Mechanics & the Diesel Peeps in Your Life
    We expanded our most excellent 2019 gift guide to include a few cool new tidbits. If you ever need to get the tech or trucker in your life something nice, you can’t go wrong with the items on this list.
  11. Why a Price Matrix is Just Good Business
    After elaborating on just what a price matrix is, we then showed readers how to make one…and then badgered our friend Robby in Accounting to make one for our readers.
  13. Sorting Out Sales Tax for Heavy-Duty Shops
    Only two things are certain in life: coffee and taxes. We can’t help you with the former, but we can show you what to expect with the latter.
  15. Women in Trucking
    Trucking has long been viewed as a man’s domain…but women are making inroads (see what we did there?) every year. In this post, we talked about how women are doing in trucking, and provided some tips for those interested in the career.
  17. Rise of the Mobile Techs
    There has never been a better time to become a mobile tech! But how do you do it? We unleashed our knowledge upon an unsuspecting world in this post.
  19. Electrified: California’s New Ruling
    California made headlines again by requiring all new trucks to be electric-only by 2035. Will the state meet its goal, or will that deadline be kicked down the road?
Suz Baldwin