Aug 09, 2019

Fullbay’s Internet Speed Needs

Fullbay’s Internet Speed Needs

Slow Internet is frustrating—especially when you’re trying to update inventory or need to do an estimate for a customer. Things like viruses or the age of your computer or device can affect Internet speed. However, even with a brand-new tablet, smartphone, or computer protected by a good antivirus program, it’s still possible to experience slow connectivity. In business, time is money. Efficiency, accomplishing more things, and doing them faster are among the reasons you use heavy duty repair shop software. To get the most out of it, you need to know the Internet speed and requirements for Fullbay.

Internet Speed and Requirements for Fullbay

Internet providers offer a range of speeds, and the faster the connection, the more it costs. In general, 5 megabytes per second (Mbps) should be enough to access Fullbay. That’s pretty much the minimum speed you can get from most services. However, Internet speed and requirements depend on more than what you’ll use the ‘net for. It also depends on how many people need to access the Internet at the same time. If more than three employees will be browsing the web, emailing, and uploading and downloading information, you might be better off with 10 Mbps or more.

Is Fullbay Slow or is Your Internet Slow?

When the Internet starts running slow, many people try some limited troubleshooting. They might take a look at other programs that are running fine like music streaming or Amazon and decide that it’s a Fullbay issue. The problem with that is that Fullbay runs differently than those other programs. It’s cloud-based software, so the Internet speed and requirements might be different. When a customer calls tech support for help with speed issues, 9 times out of 10, it’s not Fullbay that’s slow, it’s the Internet.

How to Check Your Connected Device, Internet Speed and Requirements

When you’re using Fullbay and your Internet seems to slow down, there are things you can try to increase speed. First, clear your cache and browser history. More times than not, you rely on bookmarks, not your browser’s memory, to get to frequently used websites. The process varies slightly on different browsers. As an example, if you use Microsoft Edge, you’ll click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner (…) and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Under “Clear browsing data” on the next menu, click on “Choose what to clear.” Then, check-mark the boxes next to the items you want cleared. At least clear out “Browsing history” and “Cached data and files.” Deleting cookies, saved website data, and download history as well will free up even more memory.

Next, close out any unnecessary windows or apps. Like browser history, they take up memory and space and can affect speed. Then, check for updates that might be pending, and install them. Having the most current software and files on your computer and devices should make them run better.

Another thing to check is the location of your router or Wi-Fi gateway. It needs to not only be fairly close to where you’re trying to access the Internet, but the path should be relatively free from obstructions. Things like glass walls, windows, and doors, or studs and metal pipes running through walls can interfere with Internet speed.

If none of those tricks work, you should also check your connection to make sure you’re getting the speed you are paying for. Most service providers have their own internet speed test sites that measure the bandwidth you’re operating on at the time you perform the test. Verifying Internet speed and requirements should keep Fullbay working flawlessly.

Recommended Hardware for Fullbay

Usually, people have a personal preference for the computers and devices they use. Some swear by Apple products and others wouldn’t consider owning anything other than a PC or Android device. The good news is that Internet speeds and requirements for Fullbay don’t dictate whether you should go Apple or PC. It was developed to work on a variety of systems. You can even go with a mid to high-end Chromebook to run Fullbay. It’s a considerably less expensive option than a typical PC or Apple computer.

Making the most of Fullbay means you’ll want a good scanner and printer, and there are many to choose from. You can get them locally at a computer or office supply store or buy them online. One recommendation is Zebra brand hardware. The barcode scanner and the thermal printer are an excellent pair for Fullbay, but other brands work well with the software, too.

If you already know you have the right Internet speed and requirements but are still looking for the right heavy duty repair shop software, give Fullbay a try. It simplifies everything from inventory to estimates to invoices and even makes things like ordering and assigning work a snap. And that’s only a small sample of the many things it does. Just fill in the form below to see what Fullbay can do for your shop.