Jan 11, 2018

The Top 5 Customer Accommodations Every Shop Should Provide

The Top 5 Customer Accommodations Every Shop Should Provide

Many business owners focus on the tools and work area when setting up a heavy-duty repair shop. However, taking care of your customers is the ultimate priority. Providing customer accommodations for their convenience and comfort is just as important as equipping your work space. There are a number of things you can provide to keep customers happy. Here are the top five customer accommodations no shop should be without.

Customer Accommodations Your Shop Needs

1. Sitting Area

It’s distracting to you and dangerous for clients if they’re looking over your shoulder while you’re trying to work. Whether patrons come in for a repair estimate or actual repairs, they need a comfortable place to pass the time while they wait. That’s why a sitting area with ample seating is among the top customer accommodations your shop needs. Make sure your waiting room is well-ventilated. Also, make it climate controlled so that it’s not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

2. Refreshments

It’s nice to have refreshments in case clients get thirsty or need a pick-me-up while they’re waiting.  Some shops have water coolers and a pot of coffee at the ready and free of charge. They might also occasionally bring in a couple of dozen donuts for the first few patrons of the day. Others install vending machines that dole out cold and hot drinks as well as a variety of snacks.

3. Clean Bathrooms

Bathrooms are important customer accommodations, but it involves more than providing the facilities. Every shop should go the extra mile to make sure they’re clean and well-stocked. Your customers will notice whether the sinks, toilets, and floors are clean. They’ll appreciate an abundant supply of toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels, too.

4. Informative Diversions

Business professionals recommend educating clients by offering seminars on basic truck maintenance tasks. However, there’s an easy, less time-intensive way to do that. Install large flat-screen televisions in the waiting area and run informative how-to videos on them. First, it offers clients a diversion during what would otherwise be a boring wait. Second, imparting useful information gives added value to their visit.

5. List of Services

Service menus are extremely useful customer accommodations. Marketing specialists recommend that you create restaurant-style menus listing your services and rates. It’s a convenient way to let clients know what you can do for them and how much those services cost. What’s more, perusing the menus is another way to pass the time while they wait. The bonus is that customers might realize they need a service that they didn’t know you provide. As a side note: laminating the menus makes them look professional and will help them last longer, too.