Jul 12, 2022

Spread the Word: A Marketing Roundup

Spread the Word: A Marketing Roundup

If you read our blog, you undoubtedly know that we write a lot about marketing your repair shop. We view marketing as an important aspect of the business; it’s how you get the word out about your shop. We love marketing almost as much as our writer loves coffee…heck, we even ran a webinar comparing marketing to coffee.

We believe in marketing so much, we even teamed up with Dieselmatic (okay, we acquired them) to make commercial repair shop marketing easier for all the shop owners out there who want to get into marketing but, y’know, want to let someone else do it.

With that said…we’re still gonna write and talk about marketing. And as we brainstormed new topics to work on in the second half of 2022, we said to ourselves, Hey Fullbay, what if we built out a list of marketing articles we’ve already written?

So we did.

If you’re ready to get your marketing on, grab a cup of coffee and start reading, because this roundup is for you!

The Basics

How do you market a commercial repair shop, anyway? We dragged Nick Adams down to Fullbay HQ (well, virtually) to help us introduce shop owners to the digital marketing world.

Should you learn how to do your own marketing, or hire someone to do it for you? We talked to a shop owner and a manager with differing opinions. We even have a webinar on the topic. We also have a webinar all about marketing. Granted, it’s from 2021, but its contents will still apply in 2022—things haven’t changed that much (yet)!

Once you decide you do want to get into digital marketing, we’ve got articles about creating a plan and setting up a budget. We’ve also got a free calculator to determine your marketing cost per customer.

Digital Marketing

Before anything else…yes, your shop needs a website. But why stop there? By understanding how SEO works, you can make sure your site pops up near the top of Google searches—and you want that, because that means your shop is landing in front of potential customers.

Of course, your website is just the first step. There are other areas you can look at to increase your reach. This includes asking for reviews, setting up your shop’s social media and using it properly, and understanding your shop’s NPS score. And if you’re feeling brave, learn how to put Google to work for you.

Beyond Thunderdome

What comes after your initial marketing pushes? Time to get creative! Email marketing can yield consistently excellent results. You can also learn about lead magnets and how to create them to aid you in turning visitors into potential customers (or leads).

Interested in more? We’ve got a whole (gigantic, BTW) ebook dedicated to marketing a commercial repair shop. And if all that gives you pause, remember, you can always hire the experts at Dieselmatic to handle it for you.

Cheers, and happy marketing!

Suz Baldwin