Oct 16, 2018

Trailer Store Management Software

Trailer Store Management Software

Transportation and logistics is a $1.4 trillion industry. Railways still account for some freight, but heavy-duty trucks are responsible for moving over 10.4 billion tons of goods each year. That means business is also booming for truck and trailer shops. Places that sell and service dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds have just as much on their plates as the fleets and transport companies they do business with. They share a customer base and deal with the same problems. When looking for a simple way to handle inventory, order parts, and schedule repairs, trailer store management software is the solution. It automates everything shops do to make things run smoother.

Commercial Trailer Repair

Those who work with reefers (refrigerated trailers), dry vans, and flatbed trailers know there are a million things that can wear out or go wrong with them. From the brakes to the lift gates to the trailer floors, there are a surprising number of components that need replacing from time to time. That’s not to mention repairs that need to be done after a wreck. Those can include cosmetic body work like fixing dents, redoing paint jobs and decals, or fixing major damage after a serious collision. Then there are the additional issues reefer trucks experience like problems with the insulation or refrigeration system.

And that’s just the repairs. Add in ordering and stocking parts, creating estimates, scheduling jobs, and invoicing. Altogether, that’s quite a lot for any shop manager to handle, unless they have trailer store management software. The right system helps keep track of it all and automates a lot of it. For example, the best software knows your parts and labor prices, making it easy to build estimates fast. It also allows you to see what parts are in stock and what ones you need to order for any given job. You can use trailer store management software to schedule the repair with the best tech for the job. Then, once it’s complete, the software converts the estimate into an invoice and even sends it to the customer.

Trailer Store Management Software is the Solution for Them All

Think trailer store management software that does all this is just wishful dreaming? Fullbay makes the dream a reality. On top of tracking parts, orders, repair jobs, and creating estimates and invoices, Fullbay also has a customer portal that lets you offer a level of customer service like no one else. The portal gets customers in on the process, allowing them to submit requests, see their histories, approve work, and instantly pay invoices. What’s more, Fullbay trailer store management software is hosted in the Cloud. That means you can access it wherever you are on any Internet-enabled mobile device. If you’ve been wanting to streamline the way you manage your trailer shop, Fullbay is the answer you’re looking for.