Jul 25, 2023

Introducing Our Favorite New Integration: Marketing Analytics!

Introducing Our Favorite New Integration: Marketing Analytics!

If you’ve read any of our marketing blogs, you know our feelings on marketing: it’s important. Like, really important. After all, it’s how you get your shop out in front of the people who will hopefully become your customers.

But what’s just as important as marketing but often doesn’t get mentioned?

Marketing analytics!

Wait! Come back! This isn’t a scary math blog, we promise!

Yes, we tend to associate analytics with data and numbers and other gory stuff like that. But look, there’s a method to that madness—if you aren’t tracking your marketing, how will you know whether it’s working or not? How will you know what to try?

In other, perhaps more palatable words, how will you check your return on investment?

Yeah, see, we knew you’d be interested. And if the ROI talk caught your attention, you are gonna be really excited for our newest integration.

But first, let’s explore marketing analytics and how you track them.


Marketing is part art, part science. Yes, there is a component that can involve just trying things out (like running Google or Facebook ads). That’s the art portion. What happens after that is the science, where you review how much revenue streamed in from those efforts.

If you discover that a certain brand or type of component keeps breaking down no matter what kind of use it sees, you’d probably start using a different brand, right? It’s the same thing with marketing. If your ads, landing pages, and other areas aren’t generating enough revenue to cover their costs, why would you keep doing the same thing?

Marketing analytics shows you what’s not working, what is working, and what you can change up—whether that’s spending more money or directing your marketing elsewhere.


Most shops that handle their own marketing have some kind of spreadsheet. At least, it starts out as a spreadsheet. They plug in weekly or monthly numbers like ad spend. But then they have to go back and figure out if a customer found them through their marketing or through other means. Then maybe they have to constantly look at paid invoices to see how many came from their marketing-acquired customers. Maybe Post-Its get involved.

It becomes a time commitment. It becomes messy. Setting up your spreadsheet can take two weeks, says Jack Church, Head of Product at Dieselmatic. And then maintaining things takes time, too. He sets up marketing analytics for Dieselmatic partners, so he knows of what he speaks.

“You move one column over and it throws your whole spreadsheet out,” he tells us, which is enough to send shivers down this writer’s spine.

I see you mentioning Dieselmatic, Fullbay, you might be saying. I’m guessing they can track my analytics for me?

Well, yes.

I knew it!

Hey, pat yourself on the back! If you’re a Dieselmatic partner, then yes, you get access to their awesome dashboard, which offers customizable reports, historical data, performance statistics, and yes, the fabled ROI.

But wait. There’s more.


The Fullbay/Dieselmatic partnership has been called “the most anticipated crossover of the twenty-first century.”

(Editor’s Note: It has been called that. By Suz. And only by Suz.)

If you’ve got Dieselmatic and Fullbay, you’re in for a special treat. If you opt to use this integration, the famed Dieselmatic dashboard will integrate with Fullbay, which is when things start getting really magical. The integration combines the ROI tracking with the financial details of your shop—so if you get a customer through your marketing, it will track that journey and provide a running tally of exactly how much return you’ve gotten on that investment.

Let’s say you, Aragorn, are running Aragorn’s Independent Repair Shop. You spend $1000 on Google ads. A lead from one of those ads, Frodo’s Freight, becomes a customer. Frodo’s Freight starts spending $5,000 per month with you on PM work and emergency repairs.

Cool, right? The new integration shows you exactly how much you’re making from your various marketing campaigns. Hey, you wanted to know your ROI. Here it is—including how it changes—pretty much down to the hour.

No spreadsheets or invoice-shuffling or math is necessary. You can look at it on your phone with your morning coffee (or your evening beer, if that’s your jam). Just open up the app,pull up the dashboard, and POOF. All your marketing analytics at your fingertips!


First, you must scrape a particular moss from the back of an orca by the light of a full moon.

KIDDING. Absolutely kidding. To use this integration, you do have to be using Fullbay Connect and be a Turbo partner with Dieselmatic. If you have it, just turn on the integration. If you aren’t a Fullbay Connect user, check it out! It’s also how you’ll get access to our MOTOR integration, as well as FleetNet America and numerous other perks that’ll help you grow your operation.

And if you aren’t using Fullbay yet…well, there’s no better time to give us a whirl. Try our free demo and see what we can do for your shop!

Suz Baldwin