May 29, 2018

Build Trust With Your Customers

Build Trust With Your Customers

You can have the best heavy duty repair shop this side of the Mississippi, but that won’t matter if you don’t have customers. They’re the reason you’re in business, and they’re the ones that will keep you in business—but only if there’s a solid trust relationship between them and you. Building customer trust is the secret to success in any business. Most of the process is common sense but, unfortunately, cultivating trust doesn’t always come naturally. It starts with doing unto others. Treat customers the way you expect to be treated, and you’ll be building customer trust in no time.

Be Fair

Everyone is in business to make a profit, no matter what service or products they provide. No one expects you to make heavy duty repairs for free or to take a loss on parts. However, you don’t need to rip people off, either. Charge a fair price and make a fair profit. Heavy duty repair shops aren’t get-rich-quick endeavors, but they are lucrative over time. Building customer trust keeps a shop in business long enough to make it a success. That trust has an almost magical quality, too. It causes businesses to thrive and grow. Happy customers who trust you keep coming back. What’s more, they’ll tell others about your wonderful shop with reasonable prices and fair business practices. An expanding customer base is the result, along with an increasing income.

Building Customer Trust With Professionalism

Being professional is a key element for building customer trust. Honor your word and deliver on promises. Be consistent in your pricing as well as in product and service quality, and don’t trash-talk the competition. Hold yourself and your employees to the high standards you expect from other businesses you deal with when you’re the customer.

Keep in mind, though, that professionalism is a two-way street. You can and should expect it from clients, too. The customer isn’t necessarily always right. Don’t roll over if someone becomes abusive. Stand your ground and deal with the issue calmly. You don’t need to become confrontational, but taking a stand in a respectful, professional way shows integrity. Anger causes customers to say and do things in the heat of the moment but, after the problem is resolved and everyone settles down, your professionalism will be remembered.

Own up to Mistakes

We’re all human, and everyone makes mistakes all the time. As part of being professional, you might strive for perfection in your shop and from your employees. Still, odds and human nature dictate that errors and oversights will occur from time to time. Owning up to mistakes when they happen is an important part of building customer trust.

Plus, as the owner of the company, you have to take the responsibility, no matter whose fault it was. Don’t pass the buck and point fingers. Don’t try to justify and make excuses. You can make amends, however. Offer a solution along with the apology and see to it that the issue is taken care of immediately.

Above all, building customer trust is about showing customers that you value the relationship you have with them. Take an interest in them and offer them value and service they can’t get anywhere else. When you’re fair, professional, and deal with customers honestly, the trust will come naturally, and success will follow.